Notifications Chapter 3

Notifications seem to be bugged again. Last 2 tribute alert weren’t pushed out on the right time (at least).

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Still broken, may be an Android issue though. My Discord alerts seem to also be on the fritz.

Seems to work for a hour and then not the next hour. What a nice 30 days it was where the year old Notifications actually worked as intended.

It’s effecting pet rescues as well.
I was playing gems actively for 18 minutes before I got the alert.

Still broken if anyone cares. :+1:
Maybe this is on purpose to nerf hourly tribute rewards.

Dear baby Jesus,
The last 4 tribute alerts were not pushed out to my device what so ever. (for the past week usually half just sent delayed the other half on time.)
I’m hoping this is a sign from the heavens that they are working on resolving this issue.
I’ve resorted to praying because if I’m going to take the time to explain something that is wrong and not get any sort of response from the power able to resolve it… Well I might as well be talking to my God rather than a dev.


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I have the same problem (Samsung s8+) Maybe we need to wait like the next month. This is ridicolous

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No problems here using OnePlus 7 Pro.

You’re getting all Notifications including tributes?

I’m getting all alerts except tribute for the past 16 hours or so.

Yep getting them all


Could just be a Galaxy issue then…smaller player size than just straight Androids… But still a large part of the player base.

That’s a big part of why I don’t like all the other these other manufacturers Samsung included of having their own custom Android UI is they are very slow to get OS updates and security updates.

I will always run stock Android for this one reason alone.


Regardless, the devs need to make sure that stuff works like it’s supposed to a majority of their audience.

Same here, and also on a Samsung (Galaxy S10e)… but making several posts about it won’t get it fixed earlier you know, consider setting a 1h timer if collecting tribute is so critically important?

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I’m not advocating for a fix. Just a 30 seconds response saying they’re aware of it. Because in the past… Notification issues seem to fall off their radar frequently to the point of possibly being done on purpose.
Or hell, even just a “like” so that I know it’s been read. It’s been a week man… Other bugs have been acknowledge…other “PR” threads have been monitored and commented on.
Would you have commented had you not saw another thread and wanted to slap my hand about it?
Maybe, maybe not.
But now I know at least 4 people are having the same issue. Which is 3 more than I knew about a week ago. And I’m willing to bet, at least 3 read about this bug, are experiencing this bug, but didn’t say anything… Because they don’t see the need to take 30 seconds to say anything, if the devs who get paid while using the forums on here, are not willing to say anything as well.
(My point is this new policy of not commenting on bug reports is dangerously idiotic and just another way to upset their player base.)

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And yes. I did this prior to Notifications and am having to resort to it again. And game wise… It 100% is… With all the gem sinks built into the game… Game wise
…tributes are critical.

Having the same problem on a Nokia 8 running pure Android. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait as long for the fix this time.

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First device other than Samsung that I’ve heard of having the issue. But it’s been confirmed by the devs that we need to know EVERYONE that’s having the issue so that they can try to remedy it.

I have the same issue, no notifications on Android 9 (OnePlus 7 Pro) since yesterday.

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:thinking: So I wonder what the difference is between you and @Ghaleon. Surely it can’t be a carrier deal. Is your device is jail broken @Ghaleon?