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[INVESTIGATING] Casual PvP difficulty alters the arena difficulty ๐Ÿ™„

I had casual PvP at Warlord 2 (because gold is shit otherwise) while trying to farm pet gnomes.

Compare my Snow Sprite stats to the one on defense. (Neither were summoned.)

After the match. (That I got smashed in.)
I turned casual PvP back to normal and that seemingly fixed the stats for the next match.


EDIT: Misread your comment. Deleted my previous statement here. But Iโ€™m still curious about the following for data.

I guess the question I have is what are your numbers for assuming gold is trash elsewhere. You donโ€™t have to display the team you run but Iโ€™m curious what Cpvp level you play at (T1, T2, or T3) and what your per hour numbers for gold are.

Feel free to DM me instead if you donโ€™t want to post it publicly.

To stay on topic, yeah the Cpvp difficulty affecting arena needs to be fixed. That was a nice catch.

I donโ€™t think he was farming gold, just queueing up pets when the timers expired.

Although you can make gold in cpvp. Iโ€™ve done 3500 battles @ 2500 per battle this weekend. Thats 8.75 million gold.

This has always been true. Whenever you alter your Warlord level, it will carry over to the arena.

Casual PvP isnโ€™t the place to be to maximize gold or trophy gains, but it is a great way to hunt for Pet Gnomes. I do agree that Casual PvP difficulty should not affect Arena since you canโ€™t change the difficulty in Arena anymore. So yes, this needs fixed.

lol I have a lot of questions about your gold stats. As with AWR Iโ€™m far less curious about the actual team and more curious about where in Cpvp you play, how long your average battles are( (or how long you think you played for), and what your VIP level is. Again, feel free to DM instead. I have a lot stats on a lot of different areas with teams so itโ€™s interesting to see where players are getting the top gold. (Well aware you probably werenโ€™t playing Cpvp for gold, but rather other reasons such as pet gnomes)

For example, my top explore 12 team can get 364k per hour in 108 battles. My top PvP T3 team can get around 428k per hour in 80 battles. This is VIP 0 numbers which is 105% gold bonus.

I asked one of our higher VIPโ€™s to do some runs for me and gather their gold info to compare. This player has 255% gold bonus. They would do 612k per hour in 108 battles(running the same team i had). In pvp T3 683k per hour in 76 battles.

I guess the point is less about making gold in Cpvp, as if you play long enough and in high quantities you are going to get a ton of gold. But how much gold are losing playing Cpvp, or maybe how much your gaining!

Just to not completely hijack OPโ€™s topic: I think now that difficult has been removed from Arena, this should mean the difficultly link between arena and Cpvp should be removed, even if it was always there. I only remember being able to change the difficulty in each one individually so I never noticed if I changed one, the other one changed as well.