Hack or Bug, you decide

Despite what the devs allege, they changed absolutely nothing about casual PvP other than nerfing the gold for all of PvP. (Not just casual)
That’s relevant because I still find myself facing extremely low level opponents for ABSOLUTELY NO FAULT (OR EXPLOIT) of my own. I face what the game gives me to face.
So my level 1499 :peach:
Was shocked when I couldn’t one shot a level 13 player. Even though it was on Warlord 4, my 40+ true damage usually does the trick.
So I honestly don’t know if it’s because PvP is so broken…or this player hacked the game and is getting all sorts of kingdom Bonuses. Since it was a cPvP match up…I have no way of reporting them other than a ticket. But I’m not going to waste my time on a ticket trying to remedy a bug when the devs have lost all my trust with their PvP meddling.
And if the player is cheating… I’ll never know.
So here we are…

You decide for yourself. And if a devs sees it and wants to use their time to look into then so be it. Either way… something is franked up here.

Max percentage bonus

The individuals level.
This troop would have to have a base of 15 damage and 25 life (without even leveling it up at all)

Their hero stats (it was entangled)

Their team score had to be under 2.5k otherwise I wouldn’t of done W4. I don’t even look at the level (or the gold anymore. :roll_eyes:) when doing cPvP. Just the team score. :man_shrugging:
Oh and here’s the gold if it matters.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the devs artificially inflate lower lvl players troops stats.

I was thinking maybe they were an alt in a guild that had done all tasks, but that wouldn’t raise it that much.

Medals? 10 chars

Low level account with unleveled level troops in a guild with some task completed stats compounded by your difficulty modified stats (which is PLUS 200%, so triple stats, not double). Still possible to be under 2500 score. I can break it down for you if you want.

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Would be a bit odd for a level 13 to have medals.

I don’t think guild bonuses would be out of the question if it is an alt in a guild that gets all tasks done, and I guess a few weeks in, a handful of medals would be had too.

You can only see 3 of the troops. But you would see the medal symbol if that was the case.

This is a level 69.

Team score was 3k+ Warlord 4 again.

Max guild bonuses

Global medals

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If the hero is Warlord, then 3 Broken spire troop bonus would apply, for the level 69

Right. To me the stats in the comment look correct. It’s the ones in the OP that don’t make sense to me.

After doing ‘x’ amount of elite red tasks, my brother informed me that all of our members were now able to at least equip 2 Gaard and 1 Yasmine medals. (We’ve now passed 3+ each, allegedly)

Maybe level 13 player is in a similar situation with his guild.

Definitely medals, guild bonuses, nothing else comes to mind.

You were fighting the player, which means the match took place on your client. If kingdom bonuses had been hacked, they would have been hacked on your end. The server doesn’t send you any hacked data.

Stats for Shadowblade, with Warlord IV factored out: 6 Attack, 10 Armor, 17 Health.
Stats for the hero, with Warlord IV factored out: ? Attack, 14 Armor, 22 Health.

Doesn’t look too unusual. I’m also seeing a Thorn Knight at 15 Attack, which exactly lines up with a +3 Attack bonus being in place. Thorn Knight: ((2 + 3) * 3) = 15, Shadowblade: ((3 + 3) * 3) = 18. Some low level player joined a guild with several basic tasks completed.


Sorry I don’t enough about how all the hacks in GoW work since I rarely play on PC.
I figured if they did hack, they got their kingdoms to 10 and it would therefore be across all clients.
As others have already posted… I didn’t consider medals. So a level a 1 ultra rare troop can have 6 attack, 10 armor and 17 life.
As stated in the OP it was up for the individual to decide though.
My actual thoughts were leaning towards bugged. Since I’ve never known the pieces of shit who hack the game to be low level for very long.

“Hacking” (as in changing the way your client behaves) is not restricted to PC, it works on other platforms as well.

That would require hacking the server, because that’s the single point of truth for all player data. Somebody with the technical skills to hack the server is unlikely to waste their time on bumping their kingdom stats, that’s like breaking into Fort Knox to steal a roll of toilet paper.

Yes, and past all the ranting you seemed to expect a decision between two very exotic conclusions. Which is why I (and others) offered a perfectly reasonable third option that works without any similarly huge leaps of faith (like, say, aliens, brainwashing or a glitch in the matrix). Sorry, as much as I enjoy some good torching & pitchforking, this one was just too ill prepared to get excited about. :wink:

Gotcha, because I should of assumed at the very start that a level 17 was in a guild that completed most of the tasks or has all sorts of medals unlocked. At level 17…
Just because it’s plausible does not mean it’s definitive or an easy assumption of anything while knowing only what we know.
You seem to have a lot more knowledge about hacking the game than I do. So good on you I guess. :+1:

I don’t mind divulging that sometimes I dive into game data and even code for fun. Let’s talk about “hacking stats” and why it’s not easy and probably not possible to alter the stats you see for my team.

From our point of view, GoW has a “list of my troops” and each troop has stats. That’s good enough for how a player views the game. If that were true, it would follow if I could talk the server into believing my troops’ stats had increased, everyone would see stronger troops on my side. But this is not actually how GoW works.

Every player downloads a list of every troop before they’ve even logged in. That list has the stats for each troop and is maintained by the server. You also download a big chunk of user data, which includes whether you own each troop, which level it is, what traits you’ve unlocked, etc. When the game wants to know your troop’s stats, it starts with the stuff from the server file, then starts applying all of your relevant bonuses. Here’s where it gets weird.

I could modify those files on my side, with a lot of effort. It would be trivial to make the game believe I have a level 1 Infernus with 99 attack and the same ability as Zuul’goth. But I don’t think it’d get me very far. On my side, I’m very powerful and I’ll come back to that. Let’s talk about your side.

When your client wants to know about my Infernus, it doesn’t use my files. It uses the same “base” server file, then checks my server user profile and applies all of my bonuses/levels to that Infernus. Even if I’ve changed my files, I didn’t change them on the server. So you see what the server believes, which is that I have a normal Infernus with normal stats.

Now, I could certainly get a big advantage even if I can make JUST my client believe my Infernus is OP. But there are a few reasons I don’t believe this is rampant.

First, it is the base server file that determines stats, traits, and abilities. So if I change that file, my client will think everyone else’s troop starts that way too. So realistically, my only power over troops is to change what kingdom levels and other character-based bonuses I have from my player profile.

Second, it’s really easy to catch this. All that has to happen is for the server to occasionally ask my client questions about my troops. Discrepancies mean tampering. There are thousands of places where the game could innocently store a bit of information to send back and catch this kind of behavior. In this game of cat and mouse the cat’s got a distinct advantage.

Finally, there’s no way to make it manifest on your client, not without very obviously running afoul of the second point. There is no way for a client to modify the base server data. While you do update your player data frequently, this is where a cheater has to be really, really careful. I can’t just randomly upgrade a kingdom and skip a pet mythic upgrade. I can’t just give myself a mythic pet. I can’t even give myself a single pet. In order to simulate the pet upgrade process through cheating, I’d need to fabricate a lot of pet rescues. Unfortunately those are guild-wide events and generated by the server, so I’d fail even the most basic scrutiny checks of my account.

In the end, the process of believably bumping my account up through a few levels of GoW is harder than just playing the game. If this kind of hacking were possible, we’d be seeing much more obvious abuses like the aforementioned “Infernus with Zuul’goth ability”. Careful cheaters can stay hidden, but once the cat’s out of the bag someone with poor impulse control will always pull a stunt.


Stat calculation is obtuse and we don’t have an easy way to check GoW’s work. There is no page that tells us “these are all the stat bonuses I applied” to an opponent’s troop. So if you see suspicious stats on a troop one or more of these are likely:

  • You’re forgetting or ignorant of some stat boost the opponent has that you do not.
  • A user is performing some stunt like “How far can I get playing only Treasure Hunt?”
  • The game is improperly applying stat boosts.

There are probably some avenues to make minor stat hacks available, but they leave such obvious fingerprints and provide such little value I don’t imagine many would jump through the hoops.

I may have a bad opinion of the devs, but the way the game data is set up is smart.


Actually this was rather about what you shouldn’t have assumed, that because you couldn’t one-shot that player it absolutely must have been either hacking or a bug, curse those incompetent devs. I mean, it’s not like the devs don’t deserve a reasonable bashing every once in a while, just look at how long they’ve been dragging their feet to get all those broken weapon upgrades improved. This one wasn’t fair though, especially since you are an experienced enough player who should have known better.

It’s okay to remind me of those words the next time I go on a dev bashing spree myself. :sweat_smile:

I can’t believe that you are really Monday morning QB my Post. A level 17 player having medals equipped or being in a guild that completes is TREMENDOUSLY less likely than casual PvP being bugged…or a player cheating.
Now… Y’all tell me he can’t be cheating. Okay cool.
But to dare say I should’ve thought about the one in a million level 17 player who has medals are is a highly active guild is pretty ridiculous. Plausible yes… But regardless it’s way easier to judge way after the fact than immediately after the match. As you’ve made abundantly clear here.
Keep in mind that this player doesn’t know (or doesn’t bother to) use souls to level up his troops (or simply just doesn’t have any)… But somehow attained medals to get a life/armor boost. I really wish I could remember the guild name so I could rule that out. But literally at this point… This is just arguing for the sake of arguing. So again as I admitted days ago…
It’s not as clear cut as bug or cheating… But history should tell us all that bugs and cheaters happen way more often than a level 17 joining a guild that completes most if not all tasks.

Next time you see him in Casual, just check his stats. Sorry if you feel attacked.

Some dying guilds take on low levels, and then don’t kick right away to ‘appear’ full. Last GW there was a Lvl 32 Soldier with 3 mythics. Just saying.

Report the guy if you think he’s dirty. You asked the community; the community seems to be willing to think it’s not a hack or bug.

He had 2 Elveses. Maybe he got an Elf class from an Event (otherwise he’d be higher Lvl). 2 Elveses is no bonus, but 3 is an infestation.

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