How to exploit Casual PvP (According to the devs?)

You hit “refresh” 25-30 times in the course of 15 minutes. No gimmicks, no tricks. Each week I win 1 ranked PvP match so that people face my defense. I don’t use an easy defense for folks to beat so usually my defense wins 2:1 by the end of the week.

The reason it’s not an Exploit in my opinion. I could easily generate 73k gold in ranked PvP even after the 4.7 nerfs. (That’s only like 10-15 matches based on my gold holes bonus percentage)
So why fight the devs on cPvP?
Because I can’t use 60% of the shitty classes in Ranked PVP and win fast. If they gave us only classes that could actually be used to be fast and powerful then I wouldn’t give a damn about cPvP.

But cPvP is literally our best option to level up the litany of shitty classes that you pile on us monthly. We shouldn’t have to choose between making gold for all your gold sinks and leveling up classes.

You, accuser, are the true Exploiter. The second you think something could be financially hurting you. You decide to change it. And then disguise it to be towards the players benefit. You Exploit our fandom, our trust and our money in your super short sighted decisions.

How many times are you going to break things that weren’t broken before you think. Hey… Maybe we don’t need to anger folks with a patch. Maybe we can just use the money that they give us to make the game better without ruining it for others at the same time.

Those who can’t be bothered to play Gems of war more than a few hours a week. Should not be deciding how others who actually enjoy the game should be playing.

You Exploit our intelligence when you do.


Dear Devs,

This is my first time posting on the forums (Long time lurker). I felt like I had to speak up because of changes you made to PVP that negatively affects your entire player base.

Even with this so-called exploit of every so often paying 50 gold to refresh opponents, pre-4.7 CPVP was still less gold per hour than RPVP and explore. As a paying customer (VIP 17), I have never been as insulted by a change the devs have made as this. I didn’t do CPVP for the gold – I did it for the class XP and Pet Gnomes. I can make gold 3 times faster in explore. In my opinion, PVP, cPVP, and Explore previously all had equal value in terms of resource accumulation. Why this needed to be changed is beyond me. It will just makes finding pet gnomes and class XP a chore that really doesn’t help me meet gold requirements. It feels like it’s not even worth doing anymore. You no longer have my financial support.


I couldn’t agree more. At the same time you dramatically increase cost of tasks while eliminating ability to farm gold and xp at the same time in cPVP. Congratulations, now in addition to maps and arena you have another completely useless game mode. Well done devs. Meanwhile you actually ask for votes on a crappy epic weapon that no one will ever use anyway. Hmm I wonder what would happen if you asked for a vote on this? Near unanimous votes AGAINST your change is virtually guaranteed. You know it. Yet you did it anyway. Great customer service…


This is what it comes down to for me. This is why I ever played cPvP. The amount of victories required to upgrade all these terrible classes is huge. The scale of the task of upgrading all classes absolutely swamps the completionist. The fact that you could earn almost as much gold as playing ranked PvP for the same amount of time helped me justify my relative lack of trophies by saying to myself “I’m doing this for me, but the guild will also benefit from the legendary tasks I can buy with this gold”.


It’s their game and I understand that they can do with it they want. But to call it an exploit which infers that the players were cheating using it to me is disrespectful. It’s something they knew about for years. To allow a system to be there for years then basically call the people using it cheaters. Wow. Exploring = maliciously . I know we can complain too much under the threat of taking away our China style social credits away but have more respect for your players. Do what you want with your game we will decide if we want to continue to give you our time and money.


God vs Devil: Round ???..



Did they fix ranked PVP? That what kills me the reduced rate or gold in ranked. I still think casual PVP exploit farming is the way to level their junk classes

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How come when there’s a widespread exploit everyone has to pay for it?

Most games I play they punish people they consider exploiters and let the players who didn’t exploit move on.


It’s unprecedented. Because they only called it an “Exploit” to justify the nerf.


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