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[Investigating] Cannot buy Pet in Daily Deal

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Windows 10
Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The Daily Deals pet (or maybe all) offer(s) does not work. When I click on the 50 gems I get this notice: Server Error: CLIFFY-BMDXHQUSJ1 and I can click Restart Game. When I do the same thing happens.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Today. Maybe because I got a offer for a pet from the new Arena update, before the reset. Maybe that caused it?

Steps to make it happen again
I got nothing.

You could try updating game to the newest patch and see if it happens again.

It’s happening on version 5.2 mobile and Steam.

Is it repeatable every time ?
@Kafka, it seems there’s a bug with 5.2 shop offers.

Yes, I tried several times on both versions.

I just bought it.

Ty Devs!

Mine is still bugged. :frowning:

Edit: So after I played another Arena and got a new deal, I bought that one, and then tried the Daily Deal and I was able to buy that one too. Will see tomorrow if it happens again.

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It will not let me buy the pet in the daily deal today either. I have updated the game. PC/windows 10

I ran an Arena run and I was able to buy the pet daily deal that was originally offered.

We have a fix for this waiting to be pushed out so it should be in soon if there’s anyone else still experiencing the issue.


Every time I try and purchase a pet daily deal offer I am getting a cliffy error.

@Kafka can you please look into this and let me know what the resolution to my ToD issue was as I didn’t get to play it all week and have effectively lost 450 gems

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@SerfThomas the ToD issue was fixed I think on Tuesday/Wednesday of ToD week, so if you continued having issues after that point please make sure you’ve written to support if you haven’t already explaining exactly what was still happening, your invite code and any specific error messages if you saved them.

Well today all 3 of my Daily Deals have no pet or anything to progress my kingdom leveling.
One bug is replaced with another? Don’t want to try to purchase any of the deals either since I want to hold on to my gems.

@Kafka I have already raised a support ticket about the ToD issue 9 days ago, I can send you the number if you like but I had no access to ToD apart from Monday and I spent gems on sigils that I couldn’t use.

The “fix” made no difference to my issue at all

At todays reset I got a pet offer again, and I was able to buy it without getting the error. So it is hopefully fixed now.

I have not had the issue with buying a pet since I first posted, and I have had pet offers. Thank you!

Thanks for reporting back. :slight_smile:

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