Invasions: Feedback and suggestions

Last time we had invasion, we figured 16,935 towers needed to be defeated to finish the event. This week, I added up only 1,400 were needed for completion. I’m sure this was not intended. @Saltypatra may know the answer?

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Adding up to 1400 tower kills to finish this week atm. Last time was 5250 total, post correction, and 16935 while they had the numbers entered incorrectly for them to not be cumulative totals but individual reward tier requirements. It looks like they reversed the data entry error from last time, as adding each total to all previous totals for every reward tier gets, you guessed it, 5250 total, which I believe is still the intended mark based on all the math I did last time. 1400 would be a freebie for most guilds. Oops.

@Sirrian @Alpheon @Nimhain @ozball @saltypatra @Cyrup

If a correction is needed, it should be done sooner rather than later.


I think they are doing some experiments to find the sweet spot. A research question they might be trying to answer - how much more will players play if there are no guild rewards?


Invasion is good. Leave it as it is.
Raid Boss is bad. Get rid of it. Or switch it to a mini-game instead of a weekly grind.


I agree, the gentler scaling and lack of cheap 1-shots make invasions far more enjoyable…


I noticed they fixed it and we are back on the 9th stage, now I think I kept my rewards and I hope to get them again, I will know that later.

Thanks devs for the quick fix and I hope this is a freebie week for anyone that did all 12 stages yesterday.

Please let us keep out rewards.

Sorry for bringing it up if anyone liked it that low, I just thought it was odd.

It was a bug that benefited the player. Whether anyone mentioned it or not it would have been fixed very quickly regardless :sweat_smile:


To complete the event one day one, that would have been nice.

I was looking forward to doing no more invasions for the rest of the week.


I’m not a big fan of these new game modes as they are. They take up our time for getting the rest of what we need.

Zero trophy growth at all!!!

Pvp is a game mode that brings in the best seals and gold earned during play time.


The fix didn’t come soon enough and should have been left alone for this week. Now many guilds have a mixture of players, some who weren’t able to collect the rewards in time before the fix, and some who collected the full rewards and have little incentive do any more invasions this week.


So if they were already completed yesterday, and claimed, they cannot be claimed again?

Can anyone confirm this?

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Here I was thinking how nice it would be to have one of the events be more difficult, and one a little easier that most guilds could complete… Should have known better I guess.


Confirmed, unfortunately :frowning:


Thank you.

Good luck to everyone as we drag our way through another event.

Thankfully guild wars and a new mythic next week.

Team builds, if anyone missed this thread for this weeks invasions.

Lol you guys are naive persons if you were thinking we could get double rewards :stuck_out_tongue:

Devs are not stupid


I wonder if this was all just part of a test to see what upsets us more.

The numbers being to high and getting fixed or the numbers being under and getting fixed.


You know, I had that thought, actually. I mean, we the players are the guinea pigs, after all. So, why not? Is it a little cynical to think that way? Perhaps. But would it surprise me? Absolutely not. We already are the beta testers, basically, so, it wouldn’t surprise me if they use us to “test” how we react to “slip ups”.


It’s just all too fishy that both of the invasions have had wrong numbers but the raids were both ok.

Maybe to catch us off guard.

I tend to keep my tin foil hat so close by.

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Come on now. You’ve been around long enough to know that no matter what the mistake is people will go :hear_no_evil::poop: regardless of how big or small it is.