Problem with rewards in invasion

I normally wait so I can roll all my orbs at once… but… for science:

I’m trying to figure out the steps to reproduce it. This is essential both to being able to fix the bug and to lend credence that it wasn’t player error the entire time, because right now, the “no rewards” reports are going to get buried with reports of people that already collected, which is the intended way that the system is supposed to work, leading to additional delays and confusion in trying to get reimbursements. Several people have posted “no rewards” for certain stages but no information as to their circumstances, which lets them conveniently be explained away by operator error.

I’ll call myself a control group here:

  • Reward stage 8 was completed when I went to bed on Monday.
  • Reward Stage 8 was completed when I woke up on Tuesday.
  • Reward Stage 9 was completed when I collected on Thursday.
  • I only pressed the collect button once, on Thursday.
  • I received all rewards.

I’m most interested in is the people that passed a reward stage and got placed back at an earlier reward stage, then collected without unlocking the reward stage that they had before the “fix” was implemented. This particular scenario is an edge case that was probably not tested for. If so, did they pay attention to the rewards they got? Did they get rewards for all stages that were unlocked before the fix, or did the ones that were unlocked before the fix just get flagged as completed without giving out any rewards?


we are having the same problem in our guild rewards 9 and 10 we have not reset at all.

After they changed it they renumbered all the stage rewards- if you got to 6 before they changed - you have probably lost 3 reward stages - if you got to 7 - 4 reward stages.

they do not intend to give back the lost rewards on the basis you shouldn’t get them twice - notwithstanding the fact that there were only 9 stages to start with and now there are 12.

so if you got stage 7 before change you have to complete stages 8,9, 10, 11 again for nothing, and then 12 to get anything more.

the 4 stages added you didn’t get any rewards for - well thats just real tough - don’t feel bad, it was real fun wasting your time for nothing, and you got to play the wonderful game for free.

there were no retrospective rewards added when they changed the numbering. Stage 8 seemed to just evaporate.

The developers know what they have done but have declined as ever to make clear which stages of the old numbering are renumbered and which were added.

Because of this there is no incentive at all for many to try to progress because no-one has been told if stage 8 is now 11, and whether it should pay out once - for the first time - when 11 is cleared.

We, at Match Masters were on reward stage 10, having completed 1 - 9 when our rewards were rolled back to stage 8. I had claimed my rewards. We are now on stage 12 and I have not been able to claim rewards 8, 9, 10, 11 again. As luck would have it I took a pic of my stage 1- 9 rewards. It seems I had indeed recieved the current stage 1 - 11 rewards ( ie 4 orbs of chaos, 3 celestial traitstones etc etc) and I assume that when we complete stage 12 I will be able to claim my only outstanding rewards for the event (6k gold, 600 souls, 1 Major orb of chaos)
edit - Looks like I am short 5 diamonds

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I just noticed I am also missing five of those diamonds. Unfortunately, I don’t have any screens of my previous weeks rewards, but I’m remembering getting 25 diamonds and not 30. I believe this may be an unrelated error, since all the other rewards are present.

Is the following an accurate assessment of what happened to you?

  • Completed reward stage 9 on Monday before you stopped playing for the day (presumably up to stage 11 from the rest of your guild after you stopped playing for the day)
  • reset to reward stage 8 completed when begin playing on Tuesday after the fix
  • Pressed collect with stage 8 showing as the last completed stage on Tuesday
  • received rewards for stages 1-11 (minus those errant five diamonds)
  • cannot collect rewards for stages 9, 10, and 11 again (because they were already collected)

No, what happened is exactly as described.
On Monday up to reset on Tuesday we had completed 9 stages and were halfway through 10. There were only ten stages originally. I collected all stages 1-9 as shown by the screen pic.
After the reset there were 12 reward stages (not 10) and we had been reverted to number 8. We are now on stage 12 and, for me, all stages 1 -11 were signed as collected so I was not able to collect them again as we proceeded to complete stages 8 - 11. I had already been awarded all the rewards for completing stages 1 - 11 (new) despite only completing stages 1 - 9 (old) - apart from the 5 errant diamonds :grinning:

There were definitely 12 separate rewards for me on Monday. What I’m not 100% sure on is if the final one was named named “stage 12”. Raid Portals, for example, also have 12 rewards, with the final one being named “portal 10” but having a “minions 1” and “minions 2” at the beginning. I don’t recall Invasion rewards being named differently early this week, but they might have been.

The glitched required numbers were:
10, 5, 10, 25, 100, 100, 100, 150, 100, 200, 300, 300

For a total of 1400 required, which is the expected number from the nature of the data entry error. I have the notes on the math I did, but unfortunately, not a screenshot. But there were definitely 12 total rewards, at least for me, because it is how I confirmed that this was a reversal of the glitch seen on previous weeks, posted on it, and posted the 1400 total here.

Do you remember if your final reward (on Monday) showed the greater orb as a reward or not?

Pre-posting edit:
Actually, I dug up this screenshot

And heres the current:

Unfortunately, I don’t have one scrolled all the way to the end, but the position of the scroll bar is indicative that there were 12 total rewards there, because its in the same position as when there are 12 rewards now.

If you only showed 10 total rewards on Monday or they were not in line with this, that is another issue. Maybe caused by not restarting the game between Raids and Invasion?

Io non ho ricevuto i premi invasione per lo step 10 e 11 e non capisco il perché.

Cosa posso fare per riceverli?

username: Openman
Guild: The Witchers
Issue: Could not collect Stage 10 and 11 after the fix.

I have had the same problem to with rewards, when I go into invasion it says collected already but I didn’t. Happened with every stage after 7 this week

happened to everybody - developers don’t care

8, 9 10 11 nothing - helped clear 11 in the hope someone may get it but most of us got nothing. The silence is deafening over this.

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No it didn’t. Which is why they’ll need as much info as possible to determine if there’s an issue, then what the issue is and how to resolve it.

And it’s the weekend so you’re going to keep getting silence until people are back in the office.

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There is an issue, that’s for sure. I collected as many reward stages (9) before the so called “fix” as my guildmate but I was able to collect stages 10 and 11 when we made them AFTER the fix and he wasn’t.

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strange all these reports still no comment from anyone.

also i note vanyel is an authority on everyone playing the game on xbox who collected rewards up to 7 day 1 before the fix.

everyone needs to complete tickets as advised elsewhere then

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Hey Lykos,

There’s a thread on our help center outlining the issue a little more here.

I’ve PM’d you to follow up on this, but, if were online during the issue on the 28th March AEST and happened to fight a lot of towers but didn’t collect your rewards:

If a stage was completed but you did not have a chance to collect (the rewards) before the correction, it will be available again once your guild reaches the new requirement.

To anyone else experiencing the issue of missing invasion rewards, please feel free to submit a support ticket under Missing Rewards if you feel the article is not adequate explanation for your issue and you are missing your rewards. This will help us check the logs of your game so we see what went wrong in case there’s another issue occurring and not what is outlined in the article.

Good morning, unfortunately I do not seem to be able to write a report of my own since there is nothing where I could actually type it. That’s why I use Cyrup’s post. We had the same problem as most of the people here: On Sunday Level 10 was finished and me and my guild members could not collect our reward (probably only the first one could). Thank you and I would be pleased if you could tell me where I can write my own report.
Edit: Now I see it is a separate post after all (even though I replied to Cyrup)

No worries! I’m glad you found it but if you missed it you can post here:
Bug Reports - Gems of War | Forums If you go to create a thread here, the template will come up for you to fill out.

Was your reward showing as ‘Collected’?

Thanks Cyrup, and yes, it was showing as “collected”. And most of us definitely did not get it. We know for sure because we were really looking forward to the orb which might have helped with the 40K (we missed it this time).

According to our code team, the Reward stages are coded to be shown as completed by the game based on the amount of towers killed. So, due to this issue you would have killed a lot of towers more easily than normal, and therefore the game thinks you were placed at a higher stage. So when we fixed the issue and you logged back in, it assumes that you being at a higher stage correlates to having those stages Rewards as ‘Collected’.

Additionally, if you didn’t ‘Collect’ the rewards before the fix you would have to kill enough towers to get up to that stage again (this is normal, as again, we changed the Invasion mode to go back to what it should be).

Please PM me if you did collect the rewards before we corrected the easy-requirements issue, and what stages you collected, and I’ll double check the logs of your game for you.