Invasion Forest of Thorns

I just entered final stage and got good result with



Hynda boost on 4x gems is really nice and if any troop die she summon random giant i really like it

And you guys? What is your team?


Currently on the last stage (4 towers) and still winning without using the Siegebreaker.

Mang (Titan)
Desert Troll


I think Infernus will be on all teams.

Right now I am using

Prismatic Orb w/ Bard class

I am still early in stage 8 but it is working well so far, there is a good chance I switch to Mang at some point.

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I’m using:

Mang (Archer class)
Flame Troll
Red/Blue banner

This team works pretty well so far, but I wish I had Infernus.

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Haven’t played yet, but made an elemental team last night that was rolling through 3-trophy PVP, so should certainly work for at least the first few days of this event:
Forest Troll
Blue/Green banner

May or may not sub in the siegebreaker for Gloomleaf (or even Infernus) depending how things go when I hit multiple towers.


Fire Giant
Titan Dawnbringer

Stage 4 I think so far

Flame troll
Dark troll
Lion banner

There are a lot of high-level/mythic or dawnbringer builds here so I figured I’d share one that I’m having good success with although it requires some labor of swapping out the 1st troop depending on the type of towers you’re coming up against. Nobody is mentioning or using submerge, but it has SUCH benefits from Coral Golem when on all 4 troops against the 3 towers that “damage all enemies” or “damage to random enemies” letting you fill your spell power on all troops while staying submerged and avoid this type of damage.

When you’ve got single-troop hard-hitting towers, put Treant in first slot instead. The team strategy for this setup is naturally more clunky than most of the good teams listed above, but if you’re finding yourself in a pinch without leveled or traited trolls, there’s still a way to bring those towers down in final stage of difficulty!

Skrymir is key to this build by knowing when to move your powered-up Mang to first slot or giving barrier/life to whatever troop needs it and also pulling Mang back. Here’s what I’ve got as an alternative (*'s = traits active on troop):

Banner: Bright Forest-Summer Banner
Coral Golem***/Treant***
Ironbark* (but mythic ascension due to minor orb of ascension. I only purchased through tier 3 this time)
Mang-Warden*** for magic buff+brown mastery buff
Skrymir the Lofty***

Banners: There are two different theories here but I’ve chosen Bright Forest to ensure my COral Golem and Ironbark + Skrymir are getting benefit while mang has the brown mastery surge buff from Warden.

Like I said, it’s clunky, but I"m loving the safety provided by Submerge and its ability to include a single skull in its 3x3 destroy gem grid, just bringing down a barrier on the first enemy tower troop while using the utility of submerge.

Good luck all and have fun! Gotta say, I love Invasions SO MUCH MORE than Raid Boss, which to me is just unbearably grind-y.