Invasions: Feedback and suggestions

The fix didn’t come soon enough and should have been left alone for this week. Now many guilds have a mixture of players, some who weren’t able to collect the rewards in time before the fix, and some who collected the full rewards and have little incentive do any more invasions this week.


So if they were already completed yesterday, and claimed, they cannot be claimed again?

Can anyone confirm this?

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Here I was thinking how nice it would be to have one of the events be more difficult, and one a little easier that most guilds could complete… Should have known better I guess.


Confirmed, unfortunately :frowning:


Thank you.

Good luck to everyone as we drag our way through another event.

Thankfully guild wars and a new mythic next week.

Team builds, if anyone missed this thread for this weeks invasions.

Lol you guys are naive persons if you were thinking we could get double rewards :stuck_out_tongue:

Devs are not stupid


I wonder if this was all just part of a test to see what upsets us more.

The numbers being to high and getting fixed or the numbers being under and getting fixed.


You know, I had that thought, actually. I mean, we the players are the guinea pigs, after all. So, why not? Is it a little cynical to think that way? Perhaps. But would it surprise me? Absolutely not. We already are the beta testers, basically, so, it wouldn’t surprise me if they use us to “test” how we react to “slip ups”.


It’s just all too fishy that both of the invasions have had wrong numbers but the raids were both ok.

Maybe to catch us off guard.

I tend to keep my tin foil hat so close by.

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Come on now. You’ve been around long enough to know that no matter what the mistake is people will go :hear_no_evil::poop: regardless of how big or small it is.


This is what happens when then numbers are wrong with the invasion stages each time.

Can we get some consecutive numbers here?

Why do the raids stay the same but the invasions keep acting up?

Edit. Last time when the numbers were wrong they did send out a compensation pack, so it would only make sense if they did it again. @Cyrup, what does the dev team think of all of this?

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For just guessing, it’s maybe not something like that, more about the complicated easy-but-messy codes they’re using right now.

They seemed to only have to enter single data to the formula they created, which is the total number of towers to complete the event (5,250).

But the first week, the formular is working incorrectly, it spread the total number, but not stop there, also sum up requirement for each stage in to the next one. So it ended up bumping number by showing number of tower required in each stage at total (5-15-30 instead of 5-10-15) as @Mithran pointed out in other post. So the number added up so quick in latter stages, ended up in 16,935 total, very much higher than intended 5,250. So they fixed the formula to work and display correctly, by spreading out 5,250 along 12 stages, in increasing numbers (5-10-15…1,400).

Now in the second week, the formular is correct now, but that single data entry is wrong. Somehow they input total numbers of stage 12 (1,400) instead of real total combined numbers (5,250). So that 1,400 ended up speading in 12 stages, making ovarall requirement a lot lower, giving free unintented stuffs each stages in the process.

I hope they’re more careful with the number they input now, consider there is nothing wrong with the formula again.

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Invasions feedback and suggestions? How about give us a week where something ain’t all f’d up


Whoa there just what game do you think you’re playing here…


Does anyone know what the last reward is for clearing stage 8? Is it a major chaos orb?
I don’t think I cleared it the last time.

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There is no reward. The rewards show up in the top right corner. Stage 8 just tracks until you get to the end and repeat the same battle over. At least that’s how it worked three weeks on the initial invasion. Since I don’t see any rewards in the upper right, I am confident that it’s the same.


Every other stage completed had a reward with it sent to the mail, stage 7 was a minor orb of chaos.

You should get event stage rewards and guild rewards.

Event stage reward

Guild rewards

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Yeah there is no reward for final stage since you can keep going when it’s done

Sirrian mentionned they will do something about that


Ok, so there is no point in trying to fill up stage 8 then?

Now that just seems ridiculous.

Thx @Rickygervais for the info.

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