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Intermediate but active player looking for a Guild

I have been a lot more active lately, please let me know who’s recruiting.]
Currently lvl 113, with about 20 legendaries. I won’t disappoint.

crit happens is recruiting. :slight_smile: we are a laid back guild.


Or Valleyofdeath join when you see us. Our guild is open so newbies can join us.

Or you could join the First LEGO League. Let me know your username and I’ll send you an invite. Most of us are on the exact same level as you. Some are below and others above. We expect the team members to contribute to guild task. You know to help each other out :wink:

As a fellow guild-member of Crit Happens, I can confirm that we’re a friendly bunch!

You could call it laid-back… if you count completing about 10 tasks every 24 hrs ‘laid-back’! Really awesome.

I am not a newbie

Invite me please, code: SHEKIBI

might want to send that to or @kzintiwife as @Jalijer said he was an ex member.
:slight_smile: just trying to help

Invite code: SHEKIBI
Please send me invite, i am level 120 now.

You need to leave your current Guild Shekibi. As soon as you do we can send you an invite.

Um… a current member actually

my mistake sorry. totally read that wrong I guess :frowning:
never mind me!!

I have left now, please invite me

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I went ahead and sent the invite for you.

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Thanks @Mithran and welcome @shekibi. :slight_smile:

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Hi, join us, Transylvania. Active friendly guild.