Crit happens is recruiting (top 100 guild) - filled

Hi all,

we have 1 openings right now.

We did add 2 requirements recently - 200gold donated per trophy and join our discord channel.

we are a top 100 guild now (currently 52) - lvl 507 now - so getting 280% daily bonus. Masteries range from 100 to 92, getting the 20k seal mark weekly and do a week every 3/4 months for the 40k (we are close each week though). all 6 traits have been completed each week during the last month.
even with the requirements - its still a casual guild :slight_smile:


Bumping, and we have one opening left now.

Let me in!

Invite code: CR4ZY E

Lvl 470 and will have no problem meeting those requirements

If you still have another spot open I’m lvl 80+ and have donated 70k to my current guild and maxed my seals. Not enough other players contribute so I’m looking for an upgrade. Pi thon (At work so will be 8+ hours till I can leave my current tribe.)

If you’ve still got room, I’m looking for an active guild.

I’m level 106, working on getting my Kingdoms maxed - they’re all at 5+, just 4 at 10.

I’m good for 50k gold, 1500 seals, 150-200 trophies for now. More once the kingdoms are complete.

I’m in a guild now, I think it must have once been quite active, but there are only about 4 people currently logging any time at all. Message me if you’ve got room so I can leave and you can invite me.



tried to invite @Efranklin -

  • says your in a guild. will try again after i get daily shopping done :slight_smile:

  • daily shopping done - 2 hours before i move on… (its 9:08 gmt+6)

I have landed in another guild.

Thank you

@Assiduous still wanting in? Will he on shortly after 9.30am (gmt +6)

Hello, do you still have open places for new recruits?

I’m level 204, 0 VIP level (never spent a dime on the game). I have roughly 50% of kingdoms rised to 10th level, I consider myself a casual (who nevertheless reaches Tier 1 every week), and I donate significantly more than 20k gold each week.

So… will you find a place for poor old me? :wink:

Best regards

Bump. - still have 1 opening. :smiley:


I’m level 110 now, all my kingdoms are 7+, thirteen of them being 10.
Getting more and more into the game, especially with the new guild system.
I like the idea of a casual yet performing guild, as I see myself as a casual yet performing player :slight_smile: I hit tier 1 every week and 30k gold a year would be no problem. :slight_smile:

I hope there’s still a spot for me :slight_smile:

Invite code : Deleios

Hi Deleios - invite sent :slight_smile:

I’m interested aswell. Am level 80 with 4 kingdoms lvl 10 and everything else 6+.
Every week I’ve donated atleast 100k and gotten 150 trophies. Last week I capped my seals by Thursday night.
Invite code TSCHIMPSY

@Tschimpsy - we just filled the last spot, but i will put you on our list to contact when we have openings again :slight_smile:

I would be interested in joining. Pretty new. Level 103. Hitting the max seals each week so far that there have been seals. in game name is RedRaider

we have a spot open again :slight_smile: seems that each week are finishing at least 4 of 6 tasks (with an open spot) - so come and join us :slight_smile:

filled through pm :slight_smile:

we have 1 opening…

Hi, I’m level 660 and usually get 1500 souls, 400,000 gold and 150 trophies each week.
Let me know if I meet your requirements and I will leave my guild.
Invite code HAMPHOR

@hamphor - sounds good. ill send invite as soon as you have left your current guild :slight_smile: