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Crit Happens! is recruiting again (no requirements)

Hi all, Crit happens! is recruiting again.

We are a group of laid back players that contribute to our little guild. we are ranking 84 now! We have 57+ to all our masteries and are currently running about 4 to 5 tasks daily (mainly gems and keys!).

we also have an active chat with hints, tips, codes, and gratz :wink:

update we have 2 or 3 openings,

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bumpity bump :slight_smile:

Have up to 4 spots open currently.

2 slots still open :slight_smile:

3 to 5 spots open at this time :slight_smile:

I would like to join your guild!
I’m not sure how to navigate the guild menu… But my INVITE code is MEKKALYN

I would like it if you could invite me, please. I am over level 100 and will contribute as much gold as I can for guild tasks (which varies daily but is almost always around 5000). I play every day (for the best 3 months now) and would like an active guild

Do y’all avoid the sorcery task? (Just for my own knowledge)

I hope you get back to me.

P.s I’m not sure how to accept guild requests… I hope it pops up on my screen? I use mobile (iPhone)

Do you still have any openings?

@Mekkalyn, invite sent. We usually do the most important tasks like gems and keys and sometimes maps if nothing better appears.
@HKdirewolf we still have an opening, post your invite code here if you left your previous guild.

inv code: HKDIREWOLF

Invite sent. Hope you enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Well, we still have one spot for a new member.

Invite code: BOBB 25 if you still have a spot.


Invite sent to BOBB_25, wich i think it’s the correct code but at least the system warns us if a certain code does not exist (if it’s wrong). Hope you enjoy your stay @Bobb.

That was it, thanks.

Strangely, the underscore is not shown in the app…

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We have two more spots as we removed inactive members.

its really hard to see anyplace besides a computer. the computer still still rough.

Bumbity bump bump :slight_smile:

I have enjoyed my time as a member of Crit Happens! and would recommend it to any one else who is looking for a casual guild to join. Sadly, due to real life I won’t be able to play much for the foreseeable future (and indeed haven’t played much the last couple of weeks) so I’m going to be leaving the guild so as not to waste a slot on the roster. Thank you guys for the enjoyable time I had.


If anything changes i’m sure it would be great to have you back once everything gets sorted out @Razorsoup. Best wishes for you. :slight_smile:



Looking for a new and active guild, would be great to join yours and help contribute to make it even better and bigger…

invitecode: dennisclix80