Guild recruitment - Crit Happens! OLD POST FROM BEFORE TASKS (0 OPENINGS)

Crit Happens is recruiting again!

We are currently running right around 190ā€™s in rank - this is the full 100% bonus for daily logins.
Masteries are all 30+
We get between 2 and 5 tasks a day :slightly_smiling:

There are no requirements. Other than having fun, that is ::smiley:

Have a grand day!

Bumpity bump bump

Bumpity bump bump

We have 4 spots open as of this morning and we started our lvl 22 masteries as well :slight_smile:

Looking for an invite :slight_smile: need an active Guild mine died. GLORIA_9

Hi Casper! i can invite you once you are out of your current guild.

Done, thank you :slight_smile:

Invite sent and WELCOME!

Hello kzintiwife ā€¦ i hope you have a remaining spot - as i am looking for an active guild. My invite code is DIBBS

Invite sent. Welcome Dibbs!

Bumpity Bump bump :slight_smile:

Hi all :slight_smile: hope you enjoy the new chats!

Still have room for more members?

sure do. send your code and once the servers are back up ill send you an invite :slight_smile:

Since the game is on again.
Invite code: RAZZAGOR
Thanks in advance. =D

Looking for an invite LATASHA_1

Invite for both sent. Welcome!

Hi Iā€™m looking for an active guild if you still have room, invite code Del0921

Hi kzintiwife, if there are still some free spots in the guild please send me an invite - code: Graygem
Thank you; appreciated!

HI Del and Graygem - welcome! :slight_smile: invite coeds sent