Join Crit Happens (laid back play)


Hi all,

we are rated around 235. We are looking for more active players

we don’t require gold/trophies each week just what you feel you can add. we are doing between 1 and 3 tasks a day.
We also have masteries at 20 or higher for all colors.


edit was for update


I’ll join upup, new player needing 's guild.

Inv: Nightstryke


Says you are in a guild. If you still want to join us, you will need to leave the other guild. Just reply f you do want to join @NightStryke. Ill try inviting again this fternoon. :smile:


bumb and update - guess we are averaging about 1 or 2 tasks a day… and all masteries are 17+ – ranked high 200’s.


If you’re still looking I’m interested. I’m a daily casual player just looking for a guild that’s active.


Hey guys. I’m a new player looking for a guild. If you still have some spots I’d love to join. Invite code: azalin


@blackagar - whats your invite code?

@azalin - invite sent - you can find it under guilds.


I’m interested. Invite code: CHIBORG


Thanks for getting back to me but I was able to find another guild.


@chiborg - invite sent :slight_smile:


bumping and update :slight_smile: we have about 10 spots currently open. all masteries are 18 or higher now.


Bumping topic - come play with us :slight_smile:


I’d like to join you! I’ve been looking for a somewhat active guild and this is perfect :slight_smile:

Invite code: JALIJER


Welcome @Jalijer - invite sent :slight_smile:


Now joined… thanks a heap :slight_smile:


thanks for joining us :slight_smile: spots still open :slight_smile:


Sounds like the kind of guild I’ve been looking for. Care to send me an invite?



Invite sent :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey I’m somewhat new to the game but pretty active. If you’d like to add me



Welcome to GoW! invite sent for crit happens :slight_smile: