Instant replay feature would be pretty handy

Sometimes, the stunts that the AI pulls of is straight up unbelievable. Sometimes, I am just sitting here after a particularly bad match thinking “There is no way anyone would believe this” but since I don’t play with recording software running on my computer at all times, there’s no way to capture these intense moments where the AI BS’s it’s way to victory by ignoring damage, not awarding mana for matches, or treating non-lethal skull hits as though they were lethal.

Just had an enemy team wipe my whole party in one hit each on a skull cascade, when my party had an average of 120hp/armor, with an enemy leader which had about 50 atk, and no lethal damage trait. Doom skulls can, of course, add to that damage a bit, but I can assure you that they did not explode 14 doomskulls with each hit.

Now, a lot of games have an instant replay feature where you can watch a match as it played out, and see what happened during it. I really think this game needs one. Either to prove that the AI is not behaving properly, or perhaps prove that it’s just the x4 speed making things look wrong but that everything is explainable. One or the other.

Either way, it would either make bug reporting easier, or it would make it easier to find details that may slip by in the chaos that explains some of the strange things that occur periodically in matches.


I’d definitely like it. Windows 10 has a neat ‘record the last 30 seconds’ feature you can activate, but I play on my mobile most of the time. There’s probably some kind of technical limitation, though :man_shrugging:.

Did you want help brainstorming your particular case, at all?

Ps4 always record everything so guess we’re lucky on that side.

After what happened yesterday cant say anymore AI do stuff impossible to us (seen that happen once to AI too time ago), i casted DB and the destroyed red gem started a cascade that filled it and let me cast another time in the same turn lol.

About you being wiped by normal skull hits it can kinda easily happen if the first enemy troop was a Webspinner, it does x3 damage to anything that’s not impervious/immune to web.

I did know about Webspinner. it can certainly do quite a bit of damage. The team I was facing was a doomskull team, with Glaceon up front. I managed to arrange the tiles so that when Glaceon cast his spell, it didn’t make any 4/5 matches. I cleared the board of nearly all the doomskulls on my turn, but only knocked half of Glaceon’s total life/armor, then on the AI’s turn, it got a skull cascade and killed each of my guys in one shot, from full health on all of them but the leader who had a bit of damage on him.

Mhh, he dont need make a 4 match to start a cascade, am also not really sure abour how skulls damage is calculated (X example when the game say “critical hit”), happened that using skull teams i won on first turn despite glaycion being entangled, would have been impossible or at very least would have taken ages if was just for the +5 on doomskulls.

Looked like if it was a 5 doomskulls match (but even 4 maybe, dont recall well) the damage was really high, way above the sum of +5’s and enough to kill a troop right away.

Yeah, replay would also stop misunderstandings as it can be hard to describe in words sometimes. I don’t mean that he did a cascade off of the doomskulls spawned; he spawned the doomskulls and I cleared them out. He then one shotted each of my guys off of a sky-drop skull cascade on the following turn.

I wonder if the after match info sent back to the devs contains a move log for trouble shooting purposes? If so a play back feature would be sort of easy to make.

Presently, no move list is sent to the server at the end of a match.

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