Its over.. the AI are playing DIRTY! (video Proof)

The AI must have taken a disliking to their cascade nerf a while back, now they are fighting dirty.

How you ask? they can now do this;

They sucker punch you before the match even starts!. Talk about a low blow

(magic happens at the 00:35)

Well back to all seriousness, I think it was something to do with something to do with the previous match effecting the next match hense why i started the vid at the end of my last match, either that or i was unlucky enough for the match to start with a match up straight away.

Funny bug though, has never occurred after over 500+ hours though.

It might be that coincidentally three skulls were dropping down in the startup grid, which of course should never happen. :yum:
I’ve had two or three times where I lost an Arena match because for some reason the AI had to start (little triangle pulsing above the right column of troops). Wasn’t going to happen, so I had to retreat.

I couldn’t get this video to play unfortunately, just endless loading.
On the subject though, if its the issue I think it is, we’re addressing it in the next update :slight_smile:

I had this happen to me as well, not quite as bad as a four skull match though. It was no accident of cascading gems though, after the gems had appeared I saw the AI immediately make a three green gem match. Not only that, it was in slow motion as if to taunt me, they even got the mana return for the match up. I guess I can’t really complain as the AI is already pretty damn easy to beat.

I feel your pain :stuck_out_tongue: