Injustice percentage souls with armor!

Hello everybody, after some time that I did not play Gems of War I started and now I noticed the last update that I have to say is well done, I take this opportunity to say congratulations, but, I must say that the factor souls You have disappointed me!
I come right to the point: Some time ago I acquistao armor Spider for 250 gems which gave 75% more souls, who advance to get to 250 gems I sweat, always makes time doing the arena mode and then winning I took in total 700 souls, but now I take only 350 souls, is a real injustice, it sucks to be honest!
Sorry but then what good is the armor if the exact percentage is not written?
Apart from that for people who play just accumulate souls will be difficult if not wearing the proper armor which they increase the souls and thus increase the level of their troops, are making things too hard!
You have increased the rate Oro but decreased the rate Anime (ERROR), so you do not cry at all the people playing!
However I after sweating for my armor Spider now when I want it back the way arena my 700 souls or 75% more for it as of right!
Stop it with these shenanigans and people no longer plays at this rate!

It IS the real %age, the reward for the arena has been lowered.

Is already! that sucks, but try to put everything goes as it was!
So you can not play!

Yeah, arena prizes took a huge hit, I don’t even understand why after the difficulty bonus exploit got fixed.