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Infinite loop in chat bug

Has anyone else noticed that there is a bug where the “double chat bubble” icon on the top right of the screen shows up when already IN the chat screen. You can click it and “go to” the chat screen FROM the chat screen, which seems to open a new instance of chat?

Attempting to close this new instance of chat seems to cause an error where the mana circle of death just rotates forever and you never leave chat. Chat itself seems to work fine in the mean time. I still see people talking.

I realize chat is down right now, this was from last night. I was able to recreate the effect several times. I had to close the game eqch time to get back to normal functionality.

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Is anybody able to access local Guild chat at all right now?

I’m on iPad… The mobile iOS operating system was updated recently.

This post is about an entirely different issue. Chat is down right now, there are other topics available about it.