Incubus Packs have last weeks troop (Silvermaiden)

Just got an Incubus pack and noticed afterwards that it has the Silvermaiden as the troop (and not Incubus)
All Traitstones have been updated as has the price

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The devs know about it and are working on it. Hopefully we’ll have a fix soon.

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And I’ll get my Incubus (or Glory back), right?..Right…? :frowning:
But seriously the Dev’s and support do a fantastic job of fixing things and making things right I am not even worried about this as I am sure it will be working correctly soon :slight_smile:

Make sure you submit a ticket to support, I’m not sure if any fix will change stuff you bought before it goes out. Support should be able to fix it though.

Fixed :slight_smile:

thank you

Here I was about to upgrade and get him to working and NO Incubuses I wanted my harem.

Filed my ticket

Can anyone confirm that Dark Monoliths are in the event chests?
I have three Infernal Kings so far…

I just had someone in my guild say they got one

He is…sorry to hear your bad luck… :confused:

Do we know if they are going to replace the ones we didn’t get because they had Silvermaiden in the Incubus pack. I filed a report…but not sure what the status will be for those of us eager hordes that went and mass purchased without looking at the contents of the Incubus pack…

I know the servers have been top priority, but does anyone in support know when they will reimburse us for those who got silvermaiden incorrectly last night when it was Incubus chest???

I’m helping out in support today so anyone who is waiting on Incubus cards, should hear from me in the next 24hrs.


Thank you Nimhain!!