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Increased Penalty from Losing in PvP

First of all, I’m sorry if this kind of topic is duplicate, I’m not sure if it was posted before.

I have a suggestion that the penalty from losing in Arena mode should be massively increased.
Since most of players can easily achieve 95%+ win rate, while (IMO) the current penalty from losing is very very low. (not different from not losing at all)
That’s mean the faster you end the match, the easier you can success in this mode (in term of Ranking) although you may lose ton of matches.
I think that the penalty from Losing should be increased to:

  • 3 times+ of the rating got from winning, (ex. if you get 50 rating from winning that match, you should suffer -150 rating from losing.) or
  • 5, 3 and 1 time of rating got from winning the +1, +2 and +3 trophy/trophies match consequently. (ex, if you get 10 rating from winning the match earned 1 trophy, you will lose 50 rating if you lose.)

Please feel free to share your opinion.

I’m not native speaker, sorry if there is something wrong. :sweat_smile:

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I’m gonna have to give a “no”, personally because server errors are still rather rampant atm, and if I lost 120-150 ranking every time I had an unfortunate disconnect, I’d rather eat all the bristles of a toothbrush than continue to deal with ranked PvP.

Let’s not turn PvP losses into a gruelling punishment. That’s my opinion, at least.


Yeah same sentiment as Zelfore, those penalties are way too harsh. As a side note (not to you) I’m not very understanding towards the people that want to “nerf” the top players of this game. If they are fortunate enough to make it to the top then they deserve it. There are so many people going after that #1 spot that if you make it there, it’s fair. (IMO) Not every player can be on the same level. You should be rewarded for time spent. (PVP)

To add on to what you were talking about in the OP though, defense wins would have to be factored into that. There’s too many random things that happen to make the penalties that high I think.

I’d be in favour of PVP losses having a 50% decrease in ranking points compared to wins.

ie if you win you get 50, if you lose then you lose 25.

I… don’t understand what you’re talking about, honestly. :head_bandage:

What does THE ARENA have to do with PVP ranking at all?

Do people actually win or lose anything in PVP ranking based on their result in Arena games? If so, that’s basically a bug, or at least a big issue. These are two completely separate game modes.

I’ve just checked my “PVP Stats” screen for the first time in forever, and it seems pretty inconclusive… I’m not really sure what half of these stats mean in general, these days, let alone how they’re supposed to apply to my account by now.

(Note that I’ve been an exclusive Arena player—for the most part, I do play a bit of Explore, Treasure Maps and Quests here and there—for a very long time; I haven’t touched PVP at all since the PVP patch.)

  • My “Win rate” for this week is 0%.
  • My… Skullhead icon?.. is 587 (it’s not my Hero’s Level, nor is it my Guild’s ranking, I have no idea what that number exactly means).
  • And my “RANK” is 9,854

I’ve played a couple of Arena games (both won) and checked back that screen in between, and the only thing that had moved (slightly) was the “RANK” number:

Then again, without having played at all (I was busy typing this post), I checked again a bit later and the “RANK” number had also moved all by itself:

Also, the number simply keeps increasing, so I’m pretty sure this is just my PVP “RANK” sinking further and further as I don’t play PVP but other people do, so they’re passing me by. It doesn’t have anything to do with what I do or don’t do in the Arena.

Did you actually mean to say “PVP” instead of “Arena” in your opening post, by any chance? :smiley:

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I took that to mean PVP and replied as such!

Sorry my friend but I strongly disagree with this. Arena does crash and it causes losses. Also, just try to enjoy the game. Enjoy it for what it is. If you’re unhappy about the arena spammers getting trophies for their guilds, then perhaps join a guild with arena spammers. Or become one! I think the arena is good the way it is.

haha no worries man, I’m just expressing an opinion.

doesn’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea.

He’s speaking about PVP. He mentioned PVP points and the 1, 2, 3 trophy options.

As for the OP idea, I can’t agree with it. The system is far too buggy and crashtastic for such punitive figures. Beyond that, the devs have already been down this ugly road when the new PVP system was released. The forum caught on fire with rage from players over high point loss. Keep in mind the losses were no where near as huge as what the OP proposes. In the end, they worked out amounts that calmed everything down. It isn’t perfect, but I think the devs found the best balance they could.

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The issue raised at the start was losing a high amount of points for AI Defence losses. The OP has suggested higher penalties on Invades.

I also think his mention of Arena was a second-language issue. He is talking about PvP.

I think something could be done to disincentivise the early retreat option as a means to win a greater amount of games and get higher on the leaderboard. I suggested elsewhere a cumulative penalty per event week - this would minimise the impact of the odd drop-out or bug.

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I know he is speaking about invade penalties. In the beginning, people complained about both invade and defense penalty numbers at various times while the devs tried to tweak the values.

As for retreats, I wouldn’t be against the devs adding a penalty for people retreating from games. That’s a very specific action they could track.


Adding a penalty for retreating won’t achieve anything. Anyone strategically retreating to speed up wins (rather than just retreating when the game is boring and unwinnable after many minutes) will just switch to force-quitting like many players used to do to maintain their 2-trophy win streak in the old version PvP.

Okay, makes more sense then (or at least it makes sense that it doesn’t make sense to me ^^). Thanks to whoever edited the thread’s title to “PvP”!

Now that I’ve checked, I’m actually curious… can anyone please explain to me what the Skullhead icon actually represents?

Rising up, straight to the top
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Just a man and his will to survive

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sorry dear sir but i think you have forgotten how it was before getting a decent pvp team
you basically sentenced all the early/early-mid players to death and possibly coused 50% of new players to actually quit the game doe to pvp becoming no fun

also i want to mark the fact that when they introduced 2.0 new pvp system the victory/lose point rewards and penalties were gentler then your reqeust yet they were already so very harsh that the devs had to tune them down. they already kept adjusting the numbers a lot since 2.0 was added untill i believe they found what now i would call a good balance

edit: and about purposedly penalising players who quit the matches thats a diffent matter better solved by penalising pressing the ‘forfeit the match’ or ‘exit game’ button rather then penalising someone who struggle for 10min to defeat something and just looses in the end… but yeah that would be problematic against the disconnects and errors (so i dont like the idea) and i dont think it is the subject of this topic per se


skull head is your pvp points that you climb on to gain tier rewards, also based on those pvp points there is whole pvp ranking :slight_smile:

True. That’s a valid point.

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They could make pvp slightly more interesting by taking away first turn for the player by RNG. It might make some difference at least.

Ahh, I forgot to clearly state that i’m talking about Invading in PVP, thank @Ashasekayi for clarifying. :slight_smile:

Also, thank you for all of your kind feedback, i now understand that the rating in PVP has been hardly modified before.

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arena is a minigame located at Broken Spire where you got to win 8 games or loose two for it to end, and you get to pick random units from common to ultra rare rarity, are you sure you are talking about that? pvp is not arena :slight_smile:

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