Fleeing from a battle shouldnt be rewarded!

Make retreats, disconnects and flees (closing apps/windows) count as a loss. At least after level 100. This trick its been around since always, leaving the game to not loose a Trophie. Its kinda lame, and I’ve to declare myself guilty on doing it but am pretty sure it would be nicer if this wasnt a thing.

It looks the same to the server as GoW crashing, which happens often enough. If they could differentiate those things, fine! I’d be happy to pay a trophy not to have to slog through another webspinner battle. (Seriously, I win against that team well over 90% of the time but it’s so little fun that I quit out before the first turn when it comes up. Because why bother? I don’t mind losing; I do it pretty often.)

It’s very user hostile to punish them for something that’s not their fault. It’s bad enough to lose the gold you front to battle when GoW crashes, but if it also took a trophy or star? You’d hear people raising Cain over it.

Well. I didnt thought about that. And as you say, they most differentiate when its a player making the app close or when it crashed. Thanks for the observation.

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It’s a problem that exists in basically any online game, and it’s ultimately the studio choice to decide whether it’s more worth it to punish “cheaters” than it is to not punish actual “victims”. I like the GoW approach, because even though it can be abused, you won’t feel crushed when you lose because of a sudden disconnection. An opposite approach would be for instance Hearthstone. In Hearthstone, a disconnection is heavily punished, EVEN if said dc is a Blizzard problem. If you’re playing the Arena, where each loss is a real blow, and Blizz has some serious server overload, you’re the one getting screwed over. It’s not fair and certainly not fun, and it makes users really salty, which I completely get. And to be fair, the rewards you get for successful defends are not high enough to warrant a real issue I think.