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Incorrect souls being awarded

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
After completing a battle while wearing the Celestial armor, I expected to earn 8 souls. However, I only received 6 souls. This isn’t just a display error; I checked my collection before and after.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
With a team of four fully-traited Dust Devils, go to Ghulvania’s sixth challenge, Castlemania, on Normal difficulty. My Dust Devils have 8 magic, so they deal 9 damage. Use all four Dust Devils’ powers in the first four turns. The Banshee should remain on the board after it should have died. When you cast Dervish the fourth time it should only hit Avina, skipping the still-present Banshee. You’ll win the battle, but only get souls for three of the enemies you defeated.

This is repeatable for me. Six times now.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

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While I have anyone’s attention, there are animation issues with Dervish. It shifts before it strikes, and the damage bubbles appear where the troops used to be rather than where they are.

This is confirmed to be fixed in the next patch of 2.0.

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It’s not about Dust Devils, but about the troop that is left (un)dead in the enemy line-up. Whenever it happens (e.g. sometimes after firing Infernal King’s spell or as it was with massive skull damage against Agile back in 1.0.8) that troop isn’t counted toward souls gained from the battle.

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The no soul and exp for dead alive troops should be fixed too, but I forget if they confirmed it or not.

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You mean like this?

This is actually the new invisibility trait at work, which is still in beta and wasn’t supposed to have made it into the live version yet. GoW meets FOW.

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No, it is referring to when Dust Devil kills a troop, but it doesn’t get removed. It blocks the soul and exp earned at the end of the match. They are considered death for the win, but alive for the resources.

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Here is a progression of multiple Dust Devil casts, Karakoth 3rd challenge on Normal:

4 states. The first is the initial setup with 4 DD’s empowered and ready, ready to do 9 damage per cast.
Second is after the first cast, notice that the damage to Warlock (initially in 3rd position) isn’t registered.
Third is after the second cast. Warlock was killed, meaning the damage was done (from 5/13 to 0/9) but not displayed, as the next cast was enough to kill. The damage to Watcher wasn’t registered.
Fourth is after third cast, all die. So the damage the Watcher went through, but didn’t update display

And another version, Karakoth challenge 1 on Normal

First is initial
Second again you see damage on 3rd spot not registered as it moves to 2nd spot
Third again you see the damage Was done, as it now shows with 14 life (9/23 -> 0/23 -> 0/14). But Warlock should have died (0/9 -> 0), but as it moved to 2nd slot it didn’t register
Fourth the phantom Warlock moves up to 1st slot, the 3rd slot correctly died, but 4th slot didn’t update as it moved to 3rd
Fifth the phantom remain (and no soul given), rest die showing the damage had gone through.

Dust Devil is unsurprisingly glitchy on occasion. AoE + Team Position swapping is bound to cause some issues.

The fact you can activate Dust Devil before all the traits activate at the beginning of the match should say enough about it’s bug-fun state.

Not that I’m gonna complain about bypassing trait activation, would take up half the match if you did waste your time with it.

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I hadn’t tried that - good to know I can speed up Devil grinding. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure the early activation is a Dust Devil thing or an Empowered thing. Need to check.

Fixed for you.

I’ve seen the issues above a few dozen times now. Plus other craziness.

I don’t really know if the souls it shows at the end is ‘correct’ or a visual glitch, but I too am in a position to not care about my own souls…

It’s definitely an Empowered thing. You can do it as soon as Empowered triggered on a given troop.

You are unable to mess with the board until all traits have activated, which is why troops like Empowered Soothsayer can be selected early, but can’t actually pick a gem to activate.

Dust Devil, like Lamia, doesn’t require interaction with the board so they can shoot their spells off immediately.