Bug with Dust Devil move "Dervish"

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I used “Dervish” with my Dust Devil and once the characters had moved to their new location (The top troop moved to the bottom slot.) the game froze. This has happened more than once.

The characters move, but the Turn Indicator remains above my troops and the opponent does not get their turn. None of the Gems are clickable either, there is nothing that can be done except for clicking the settings button in the top right.

It did not happen at first, only once I had gotten my Dust Devil to Level 10. I’m also not 100% sure, but I believe there are always less than 4 Enemy Troops when this happends.

(A separate issue I have had with Dust Devil is that sometimes the Enemy Troops don’t disappear after they’ve been defeated. This also happens when using Dervish.)

From the 2.0 patch notes

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It seems like there’s a bug with the interaction of Dust Devil and Great Maw (on the same team)…? The AI beat me but I had 1 troop left… somehow. Clicking my dead guy showed his life and armor at 0. I couldn’t collect mana but I could do skull damage. The skull damage was 24 but my guy that was left on screen should be doing 27. Also, there was no card animation for the skull damage – just the smoke poof and -24 popping up. I had to retreat the battle though, there was no way I was going to take down Mercy with just skull damage alone.

With your unkillable troop, did the Great Maw’s 3rd trait go off on it?

Sorry, I don’t remember. I was kinda on auto-pilot till it happened. :-\ I’m pretty sure Great Maw’s 3rd trait went off but I don’t know who the target was.