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Income/Tribute Collection Indicator Gets Jumpy

If you leave the game running but not selected for long enough (however long that is?) and go back to get your hourly tribute, the gold coins icon (on your home kingdom) sometimes acts weird. It doesn’t smoothly grow and shrink, it goes from small to large to small rather quickly in an unsettling jumpy fashion.

Can be reproduced (frequently but not guaranteed) by tabbing out on the Steam Client and coming back after a while. 30-60 minutes should do it, a couple hours would be more likely. I think the same thing can happen on my iOS version but I don’t play it enough to quantify that.

This has been happening for … months? Just thought it wasn’t high priority.

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It does happen on iOS. I assumed it was related to the same thing happening to all animations in the game: if left alone long enough, every animation gets choppy.

The thing is there aren’t a lot of animations to watch. Maybe I’ll look at the clouds next time I notice?

I see this more often if I tab to something resource intensive. Clicking on it to collect while it is doing the “catch up” rapid pulse animation occasionally also triggers the null/null income collect (after which the income collect is still available, so no tributes are actually lost).