Incentivize Defending PvP

The current system does not reward stong defend teams and results in a weakened game where people are encouraged to front weakened lineups so they will lose and face weakened lineups in return and get better rewards. While I do not like 4xCelestasias it is not entertaining to face a line up with no synergy and level 15 or less. I love what you did with winning revenges but the current culture of throwing games is diminishing the final product.

I recommend a similar revenge scale that players can climb for defends, maybe with greater rewards on the defend side.

PVP is the next update as far as I know. Heroes → PVP → Guilds wasn’t it?

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There are a lot of issues with the current defend system:

  • Force exit needs to count as a lose
  • AI defend wins need to tick up the reward system counter
  • Win rewards in general need to be improved so they outweigh the advantages of a lose
  • Traitstone choice from a lose needs to gradually work towards an AI defend win as well

But wouldn’t that be hard for the system to differentiate if it was a forced closing as opposed to a bad connection?

Both should count as a lose. They already have a system in place to let the game play out if you lose connection during it and then get the reward after completion. A force exit stops mid game and doesn’t finish that game. Any instance of an incomplete match should be a lose. They are 2 completely different things.

What about skipping?
Suppose that was also in the mix, I’d think it’s an ideal set, except would result proliferation of all the “troll defense” teams then too many players just stop entering pvp at all in mere few days.

Players don’t like losing (and even less like playing looooong dragged out battles).

The troops are way too unbalanced currently, the prequisite for a good pvp system would be to have attacker win by either smarts or accessible things. We’re very far from that.

Some things are unbalanced, but winning in the current system is by no means hard. The AI, especially on new troops, is hilariously bad. People in late game also have the luxury of building a plethora of focused counter teams that have a large advantage against any possible combination of troops.

For example, I normally take out a 4x Goblin effortlessly with 3x Gob Chomper and Acolyte; or Bat - Bat - Ice Witch - Soothsayer

I also hate that you can only see 3 attacksto you, and if you want to clear one of them, you have to lose on purpose (if you don’t think you can win anyway against a very strong opponent).

I find that if I build a “strong” defense I simply end up with far fewer wins/losses since people either skip or quit out.

It counts as a lose in arena if you get a bad connection and it crashes. This should be no different.

I can’t speak on Arena because I rarely play it. But it probably isn’t as easy of a fix as suggested above or the issue would have already been addressed.