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In-game books by inhabitants of Krystara

Don’t get me wrong, Krystara is a pretty awesome place. However, I can’t help but shake the feeling that the lore may be slightly lacking…

But wait! We here at the forums can help out with that! What if you could find and read in-game books, diary entries or even simple notes (think The Elder Scrolls series)? This is where we can add our own tidbits of lore by writing in the shoes of any fictional character who lives in Krystara!

This thread is for some fun - jump in and add your own “book”! It can be tied to the story or something completely different.

A few examples may be a fictional story or play; a series of diary entries; a note (from missives to shopping lists); or historical writings.

Let’s make Krystara a slightly more colourful place!


Here’s a history book as the first example.

Domain of the Undead
by Seugid Morlid, Historian; Retired Adventurer

The eastern wastelands known as Khetar are a dangerous, inhospitable place. Many years ago when I was an adventurous lad, I once stumbled across this majestic, yet deceiving crown of ruins buried in sand. Adventurers beware - once you start to delve into Khetar, there is very little chance of returning.

Khetar is home to many forms of the undead, most of which I have seen personally. One will meet skeletons wandering across its surface. Venture deeper into some of the ruins and you will see stronger, more fearsome beings such as the Wight or Revenant. These undead beings owe their so-called ‘lives’ to the magical aura surrounding the ruins, of which its origin is widely unknown.

Since Khetar was once a great city, exploring its inner underground passages to reveal its secrets will prove rewarding. You may find some ancient relics inside some of the ruins. Although this may sound exciting, you should expect to meet angry guardians of such treasures. Do not expect an easy fight, either.

As a final note and warning, never, ever attempt to initiate combat with the legendary Bone Dragon. Some say it does not even exist, yet others hold that the Dragon itself is the cause of natural disasters. As an experienced historian, I am certain that the Dragon is real, and extremely dangerous. It is able to call upon an ancient, powerful spell that reanimates nearby bones into hordes of skeletons and numerous undead, making it almost impossible to slay. It is rumoured that if the Dragon was slain, the magical aura that surrounds Khetar will be disintegrated in a fiery explosion that could consume all of Krystara. This is merely conjecture, however, and probably does not hold in truth.

In conclusion, Khetar is a place not for the light-hearted or the unprepared. It is a deceptively quiet place, and an unforgiving one too.

If you really are prepared to make the pilgrimage east, then as one adventurer to another, I say, ‘Good Luck’!


I had so many ideas for GoW’s lore and now finally I can write some down.
BTW, I take your structure, I like it. Ewan Voltus of Sword’s Edge has written
a small essay about each kingdoms.

History of Kingdoms Part 1: Broken Spire
by Ewan Voltus, Geographer and Historian

Broken Spire is the name of a volcano located on a small island centered in Krystara. For a long time it wasn’t considered as a Kingdom at all. That changed when Luther took 2,000 men to an expedition
to that volcano in search for the legendary lava wyrm Sheggra.

300 years ago, Broken Spire
was a main battlefield between the Old Gods and the Alliance of Freedom. Even today you can spot the aftermath of those battles. One can only imagine how
gruesome those may have been. Today the island is populated mostly by ogres and

We thought before that the
ogres living on that island were just allocated in many different tribes, but
that is not entirely true. The largest tribe lives inside the Broken Spire and
many of their members worship Sheggra as their goddess. To honour their goddess
they’ve built 3 Great fortresses along the volcano, each higher located than
the previous.

The ogres are led by their
twin-headed relatives: The Ettins. Their council is located in the third and
highest fortress and all decisions regarding their tribe are made by them.

Luther did another expedition to
that island. This time he merely chose a few adventurers and warriors from
Sword’s Edge and travelled to the dreaded ogres again in order to find Sheggra
again. That expedition revealed a secret alliance between ogres and the Stone
Giants who were also living usually near Broken Spire. I’m glad that the ogres
never left their island for conquest. If they did, it might cause a lot of
trouble to all neighbouring kingdoms.