Some questions of metaphysical importance

While I have travelled across Krystara, far and wide, seeing everything there is to see (yet), I came across several questions that made me think about the very essence of this world/game.

On my journeys I have found many a key. Back at my (ever changing) home stronghold I brought them to my treasure room which was full of unopened, locked chests. To my surprise I found that each of those keys matched the lock of one of those chests.
A closer examination revealed that all the keys (and, consequently, the locks) were the same!

This leads, of course, to further questions. Who scatters all those keys across the world? Who forges the keys? What purpose doth it serve? And, most importantly, why doth anyone need more than one of said keys if it matches the lock of each of the chests?

The answer is simple. Planned obsolescence. The keys are one time use only. They simply break after opening the chest. But at this point further questions arise.

After opening the first chest I discovered its content. It was not gold, gems or other riches. Krystara’s vast assortment of creatures is hidden inside those chests! Living (well, most of the times), breathing (well, most of the times) creatures are hidden inside those chests!

Who would do that? And why? Are these creatures born inside the chest? Or manufactured? Or are they caught from across the lands and magically sealed inside the chest? And how do dragons and the likes fit inside those chests?
Either way, by whom and why?

Then there is another issue. I only discovered keys on my journeys, no chests. Why? I do not know. But I do know that I have a seemingly unlimited amount of chests waiting for my return. Where do the chests come from? Is someone purchasing them while I am away? If so, who? And with what? My accumulated gold is untouched.

With these questions, oh sages of Krystara, I humbly approach you. May your wisdom enlighten me and answer my questions!


Can you explain how and why do you assume the chests are waiting for you at your home kingdom?

The chests are comfortably available in what would be your “Inventory” in this game. Where exactly they are located is unknown to us but since you can access them at any given time OUTSIDE the battle, I assume they are not stored in your hero’s local inventory (which would be available even during combat if our hero decided to pause battle and take a look into his backpack while taking a beating) but rather in the place (whatever it may be) where you are (supposedly) located when you are out of combat. I just assumed this to be your home kingdom. Maybe the devs can help us out of this confusion xD

However, now that I think about it, it is never explicitly shown, told or hinted that we actually open DIFFERENT chests. From what we see in the animation it actually appears to be the SAME chest we open over and over again. This would not help us out here but, on the contrary, raise new questions.
How do new troops get in the chest this fast? You open the chest with one key and one or two seconds later the chest is locked again with new troops waiting eagerly inside to be freed by one of our keys.

God, I’m so tired with casuals who don’t even bother to understand basic game concepts such as the Mary-Poppinesque confection carpet chest, which is so OBVIOUSLY distributed freely*** by Sparkgrinder in his “Fidelity Fiduciary Shop”. I mean, really, the keys are just metaphorical embodiments of sugar spoons, the sugar itself being represented by the invading chest troops.

(This message brought to you by the Adana Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Inventor of kites.)

***for a very small 95% finder fee on all ceatures thusly tamed

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Hahaha what a fun topic…

Didn’t you ever consider that there is a group of people traveling with you, which tbh is not shown anywhere (except in your collected troops list), and that one of them just happens to be a magician which can teleport a new chest everytime you get him a key?

Or maybe you have an item, which allows you to store infinitely big number of chests in it, and when you try to take one out, you take a random one. And then when you open it, It’s actually a portal revealing a new member of your team…

There are so many possible answers you just gotta work your imagination…

Real question is, how can you possibly not take control of an ancient and improved gorgotha after defeating it :S

I suppose controlling beasts that hold overwhelming power and lugging around large amounts of loot are two very different skill sets :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m enjoying these theories, and I also don’t have an answer! Maybe it’s something akin to Rincewind’s Luggage in Discworld…

it is the same chest over and over, the lock is a magic summoning circle that goes to the guild mage, Those sellers of souls, gems, gold, glory, and other needful things. The key is really like a port key, bringing in what ever might have been sold in the shops (gems, glory, souls, gold, or troops already traded for others)

see quite easy when you think about it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: