Improvements to Single Troop Pets

Suggest that the pets that affect a single troop are improved and/or made more interesting. Increasing stats a small amount for unused troops isn’t going to make them used.

An idea, as an example:

Lady Anariel got a pet this week, why not have the pet buff her blue/green gem creation by 1 for each level? Up to 13 / 13 from 8 / 8. That’d be interesting. Not sure if it makes her more viable or not, but interesting at least.

Arcanus. Similar - currently “gain 4 magic and enchant myself” - +1 magic pet level and at max pet “enchant entire team”

You can see where it’s going.

A few stat points isn’t interesting. Nor would it make me spend money on the legends reborn, as it stands.

However, imagine Phoenicia: “If there is a firestorm, deal double damage” … deal 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 or 2.5 damage based upon pet level. Now we’re talking.

Or Divine Isballah - “40% mana to divines” 42% … 50% based upon pet level.

cause some of the pets they design are just for looks they don’t have any special powers or abilites and that is what makes it unqie (sorry bad at spelling)

Isn’t a total of 26 Gems kind of broken? Keep in mind Pet bonuses are permanent and global regardless of which Pet you actually equip for any battle.

All multi-color gem-creating Troops

(other spell effects, which can be quite significant, are omitted here)


  • Elemental Guild Guardians - 15 Gems, (own color) + (color of choice)
    (Courage, Honor, Humility, Justice, Loyalty, Sacrifice)


  • Pharoah Hound - 16* Gems, Purple+Red
    (8 of each color)
  • Monkey Disciple - 14* Gems, Red+Yellow
    (7 of each color)


  • Axolotl - 18 Gems, Blue+Green
  • Desert Mantis - 16* Gems, Yellow+Blue
    (8 of each color)
  • Hellclaw Mage - 18* Gems, Red+Purple
    (9 of each color)
  • Night Spider - 12-30* Gems, Blue+Purple
    (3 of each color, +3 each per Rogue ally including self)
  • Tracker - 14* Gems, Green+Red
    (7 of each color)
  • Twisted Hero - 10* Gems, Red+Purple
    (5 of each color)


  • Anthea - 15 Gems, Yellow+Green
  • Corrupt Troll - 2x, Green+Purple
  • Crazed Troll - 2x, Blue+Purple
  • Frostfire Troll - 2x, Blue+Red
  • Ice Troll - 2x, Blue+Brown
  • Lady Anariel - 16* Gems, Blue+Green
    (8 of each color)
  • Lady Estelle - 16* Gems, Green+Red
    (8 of each color)
  • Lava Troll - 2x, Red+Brown
  • Nightwind - 16* Gems, Yellow+Purple
    (8 of each color)
  • Sea Witch - 16* Gems, Blue+Purple
    (8 of each color)
  • Sir Alamir - 16* Gems, Red+Yellow
    (8 of each color)
  • Sir Gwayne - 16* Gems, Blue+Brown
    (8 of each color)


  • Gar’Nok - 16-20* Gems, Red+Brown
    (7 of each color, +1 each per Orc ally including self)
  • The Great Maw - 16* Gems, Yellow+Brown
    (8 of each color)
  • Venoxia - 18* Gems, Green+Blue
    (9 of each color)


  • Champion of Gaard - 22 Gems, Blue+Red
  • Shanbanu Vespera - 27* Gems, 3 ally colors
    (9 gems x 3 random allies)
  • Stonehammer - 22 Gems, Red+Brown
  • The Wild Queen - 22 Gems, Green+Skulls

Note that most of these have a guaranteed 50:50 mix of each color (this is why their spelltext lists them separately) while others do not.

Generally, multicolor Generators tend to avoid creating more than 16-20 Gems total. After all, the more of the board is occupied by just one or two colors, the more likely you are to see Extra Turns (and/or Mana Surges) resulting. Even troops that create only a few Gems of a single color (e.g. Fire Lizard) tend to start looping Extra Turns often enough already.


I’m not necessarily against the suggestion, but I think you’re looking at it from a different perspective than the devs. For one, they’re not trying to make the troops more useful, they’re just trying to sell some pets. Second, this is much easier to implement than figuring out how to alter the troop spells (and risk new bugs). And third, they don’t want to drastically change a troop and make it unbalanced. Troops are designed with the assumption that their stats will increase with the player’s level and adding a few extra points to them is relatively safe to do. It’s akin to the player upgrading a few kingdoms or equipping a few medals. It makes the troops a little stronger, but doesn’t run the risk of breaking them.
And as a player, if you’re going up against a player in PvP with one of the pet boosted troops, you don’t have to worry about encountering a troop on steroids.

As is, the pets are marginally useful for very early gamers where an extra 5 skill points still makes a difference (imagine an arena troop with +5 to all stats, it changes things). And they are useful for all players to unlock kingdom power. I’m sure lots of players grabbed the gem pet just to avoid pet blocks. I did, on two accounts :blush:


Already quite viable IMHO, for example makes an excellent non-mythic/non-Zuul E12 loop with anariel, venoxia, & emperinazara