Pet ascension notification


Please add a blue symbol (same as normal troop) on the pet card when you got enough copy to change rarity


+1 to this.

It’d also be useful to know which pets are at level cap and which aren’t, so maybe add the green ‘+’ sign as well?


I would rather have pet colors reflect the maximum level, instead of current level. This was a solved problem with the troops; I don’t know what they were thinking about as they made the pet system harder to interpret than what they were already using.


Its not just harder, its not consistent with the existing system we have for troops. That’s the real problem…


The inconsistency in both display (color) and naming convention (ascension) with Pets makes it seem like some of the development was sub-contracted out. Almost like they were not familiar with what the team has done for the last 3+ years.


I also wonder if we will be able to disenchant extra mythic pet card, cause it won’t take so long before we get multiple mythics


You can, 1 pet for 1 food of his color