Pets are Useless creatures

Since this forum has active base, thought I should share my gripe. The only useful pet is the +6 blue but even then it’s negligible if you’re enough levels. Why isn’t there a ++ for every color I have no idea…

You get the bonus anyway if you use the troops requirement for bonuses, so personally don’t see the point at all. Literally there’s pets that do absolutely nothing and the game is proud of it.

If they were actually beneficial I might care more to fight or pay gems but as it is, I’ve just ignored them as a part of the game that isn’t at all entertaining.



There is a pet for every color. More important are pets for Color Teams.
They should never be high powered, just a little Bonus.
You also need them for Kingdom Stars.


Can only have 1 universal pet for all teams, much prefer ++ color pets than guild pets which really are useless. If you have 4 red troops or 4 from the same guild you get the bonus anyway, for example.

A ++ multi color pet would be something worth it… +10 or +20 colors for example. +10 all colors, for example.

Then people who have this pet have a big bonus against people without it.
You dont need to equip the pet, so if you have multiple pets, you also have multiple bonus.

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So I still get +6 blue even if I equip the useless eagle?

That is correct.

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wow I did not know! Thanks for the info!