Implement means to log and record data on matches for bug-fixing purposes!


After all this time, for nearly five years playing Gems of War, I am still baffled that we have bugs in the game that we were promised are no longer an issue because they supposedly got fixed.
Extra turns getting ignored when there was no frozen status effect, no mana gain from gem matches are the most annoying and pressing examples.

I am suggesting that the developers implement means to catalog such problematic events when they do happen so that they can effectively locate them, which saves them time and get straight to the source of the issue.

Also, when the user would spot such a bug, the file would then be locally stored, with its own ID system to help the developers bug-fixing the issue at hand.

Report a Bug Tool feature: (Battle ID, team share code, etc.):

It would also be helpful if you could Replay such battles for the viewers to see if recorded in-game.

Kind regards.
Koromac [Bronka]

Well, the game does log errors, game logic crashes and warnings (on Steam at least), they just don’t care enough to do anything about them. Wrong company for that.


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