IMPerial Jewel - new? and bugged


Imp-erial Jewel - is this new? I just randomly unlocked it after a level up. So I guess this is as close as we will get to the Prismatic Imp I recently proposed xD

Btw it is bugged. It shows (presumably) the right values and mana colours in the list but the wrong in the preview screen. See yourself:


We’re aware that there is an issue with Weapons displaying the wrong color in the preview screen. This should be fixed in patch 1.0.8. The Imperial Jewel should work correctly in battles.


What are the requirements for this to unlock?



It’s on the weapon list:
(Unlocks at ALL Mastery 50)


Oh I keep forgetting to look at that!


Hi All,

This is to all the level 1000 out there this weapon has been added into your lists and you should be able to use it.
Can you all please check and make sure it is in there.

Gems Of War Team



I’ve got it, thanks.

Also, found this on the Steam forum:

imperial jewel

this new weapon just showed up in my inventory…


I am only ONE level away from having all masteries at 50. However I keep getting the choice out of 2 colors that already have level 50 or over. Oh well, guess I just have to be patient. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was always wondering. Is it random what two masteries you can choose from when leveling up? Or is it predetermined and the same for everyone?


I believe it follows a semi-random cycle. If you pay close attention, you may notice you get a chosen color every 2-3 levels, meaning it calculates the last color picked when leveling.

I believe I’ve gotten the option for a specific color twice in a row, but only picked it the second time, while on the other hand I’ve never gotten the color I picked last level for my next level.

Though I’m sure a staff members would be the only ones to truly understand how it works.


Well it was the same with all masteries at 40 which yielded a dozen weapons at the same time. Was only missing one color but kept offered two colors which would not complete the masteries at 40. I am pretty sure before and after that I always get the choice for two colors that are behind the others. So my guess is that this is deliberately to annoy us. Haha. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have not payed close attention to it yet but I have noticed that trying to level all the masteries equally results in a gap of increasing size between your highest and your lowest mastery. I think it is currently something like 3-5 levels for me. I guess there is at least some kind of randomness involved.


I’ve always had all six masteries within 1-2 points of each other.

I’d assumed the pair that came up was on a pre-determined algorithm that just looped - feels odd that it’d be random…

Perhaps a dev can enlighten us @Sirrian @Nimhain?


I suspect it is either random or a predetermined evenly distributed pattern.

It certainly doesn’t take into account your personal masteries because I have a gap of more than 20 between highest and lowest (just to see if I could) and I don’t seem to get either the highest or the lowest more often than any others.


It’s in a predetermined pattern… so anyone who hits level 10, for example, will always get offered the same masteries as everybody else who hit level 10.

This is set up for the first 5 levels to give people useful masteries/weapons which work well with the Goblin, Lance Knight & Warhound.

After that it cycles every 15 levels and starts giving you the same series of choices in the same order