Imperial Jewel - A tactical weapon!


The new weapon Imperial Jewel (unlocks at all mastery 50) costs 22 mana and deals 16 damage randomly split, +2 magic which seems meh compared to Staff of Madness (4x8=32) or a host of other weapons or multi damage troops. However, if you team it up with gem generator troops that don’t use the same colour as they generate to quickly fill it up the Imperial Jewel comes in to its own. I’m having a blast using 3 @ Griffon Knight (11 random damage +6 yellow) and 3 @ Giant Spider (3 dam to all, +8 purp, gain 7 life). So far no losses fielding this really fun team and, as a long time player - thanks to the devs for continually keeping it interesting. :grinning:


Well hello there Mrs. Webspinner. We meet again.


Don’t forget about exploders. :smile_cat:

I’d bet 3x Gorgothas and Imperial Jewel is one hell of a team. Sadly, my masteries are at 3x 47, 2x 46, and 45. 22 more levels until fun time. At least I have 3x Gorgothas going for me, which is nice.


Webspinner is not really viable since she uses green so will fill herself before filling the Imperial Jewel which has to be at last position :smile:


This is completely unacceptable, your not supposed to be having fun and winning. NERF NERF NERF!




Heh heh…:laughing:


Why not 3xRagnagord and Imperial jewel :relaxed:
It’s Christmas time :christmas_tree:


My mental image: