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I'm looking for dead or dying guilds!

Are you the GM of a dead or dying guild who is looking for a safe haven for her/his good players?

We at The Warrior’s Retreat have just cleared our low contributing players, which has left us with a gap to fill.

So if anyone is a GM and has has had enough of running a guild and seeing 0’s at the bottom of the charts, why not bring yourselves and some friends across and join a guild that is not hardcore but also you won’t feel you are carrying others all the time.

We need you to bring to the table:

  • 500k gold per week minimum
  • All free sigils used in events
  • All GW battles played, win or lose
  • No min seals
  • No min trophies

A decent amount of seals should come with active play, and we’re not in a trophy race.

We have great guild members and an active Discord for good communication.

We’re looking for high level players, but the right attitude and wanting to play counts more than outright levels.

TL;DR - Sick of carrying low & non contributors? Come to us!


Are you level 500 or higher?
Although a bit short of Warriors atm we complete all basic tasks weekly.
If you are still levelling kingdoms no gold requrement until complete.
We are group of friendly helpful players, come on over and pull up a chair.

We’re at 21 members, so if you’re in one of the many guilds where a handful of good players are carrying the whole guild, why not come over to us in bulk as a group of friends and join in with a guild who are all contributing for the common good.

Nothing complicated, no big family, nothing too formal, just a friendly bunch with good communication, who don’t carry zero contributors.

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Mariana… Are you in the same guild as Slaaght? If so, cool that you’re helping him put the word out and all, but if you aren’t, then it looks like you’re trying to railroad his/her efforts to recruit by recruiting for your own Guild within his/her post.

and no, I’m not looking to break up my Guild to join someone else’s. Just was curious about the premise behind the posting.

It’s cool, Mariana is one of the guild co-founders and she is very kindly bumping the message a bit. All is good! :beers: :ok_hand:


Of course I am in the same guild as Slaaght, I do mention Warriors in my post.

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ahhh. Sorry. My bad.