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[Closed] Searching for a Dead Guild or Potential Acquisitions

Hi All,

We are planning on expanding our guild and to avoid building it from scratch we hope to find a dead guild that we can build up on the foundations.

If there are any GMs who have a guild that’s not disbanded please feel free to contact me to discuss further.

Thank you

The likelihood of a dead guild that fits your needs contacting you is rather slim. They are dead for a reason …


Which i take into consideration.
This is a long term plan and i have seen a number of guilds requesting mergers or gm’s announcing the closure of their guilds.
Wish me the best :blush:

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All the best in your search!

Exactly this… people in dead guilds are probably not in the same bunch as those who check the forum.
I think your best bet is to just create an alt and start surfing the guild roster until you find a good target, and then try to talk to the current GM or whoever are left inside.

Reviving this thread due to the lack of progress with the guild in talks.
Anyone interested please let me know :grin:

Well, I see some dead guilds in my part of the whole list (guilds near ours), for example, “Angry Sprockets” is a Master V level guild, but it has 0/30 members. I have no idea how to revive it though.

Kafka specifically said that reviving a dead guild can cause problems for people who join in future in a support response.


It still raises questions on ‘why’ but i did not further pursue answers.

We have acquired a sister guild though (a fateful meeting after the gm of a guild that fought against us in guild wars has contacted us) and i appreciate all the well wishing responses on the thread :laughing:

I will close this now.