I'm a noob. I'm confused. Can't find answer anywhere

Team bonuses

Ha whoops. New. I meant, I have the same cards as someone and theirs are stronger. I have the same kingdom bonuses and card levels but they are doing WAY more magic power. What other buffs are there for your team and how do i get?

A person with a higher level gets higher bonuses. You can also get stat bonuses from being in a guild that gets more guild statue bonuses.

I thought statue bonuses only applied to hero cards?

I’m on console if that helps. Ie: my azura card does x damage. Theirs does x+2 damage. We are the same rarity (epic) and i have all the kindom magic bonuses I’m pretty sure. What is giving them the boost?

Nope. They apply to all troops like any other bonus.

Ahhh nice. Thank you for help. I was convinced my cards were glitched to be weaker just to make me mad :smile: Also i just have looked at some old/wrong thread to think that they only applied to heros! Thanks again for helping

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