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Guild statue bonuses, how are they applied?

We finished blue today, which should give us all +4 armor.

However, when I look at my troops in the Troops screen, I see this for example.

Emperor Khorvash - 42 Armor

I start a PVP match and put EK with Leader trait in slot 1. He gets the +3 but that’s it. Armor 45.

Are we not getting our bonuses?

The bonus is applied just like your kingdom star bonuses. It applies to the hero and all troops in and out of PVP.

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Does it raise the base stat or is it actually applied as a bonus?

The reason I ask is because I’m in a PVP match now and 3 of my 4 troops have their Armor noted in white, meaning it’s at base and has not had any bonuses applied.

Bonuses that apply before a battle effectively raise the base stat. Leader applies after, which is why Khorvash is the only one with green Armor

so if it adds to the base stat, then all armors would be white with no bonuses applied, like in the edit teams and troop menus?

How about this? Would they apply to the hero and thus show up in the Hero stats screen?

Never mind, I counted it up manually using the table on @Lyya’s site. I am getting the +4 it appears.

I’m noticing summons don’t get the bonuses, though.

Summons don’t “exist” until summoned is my reasoning. You don’t summon “your” Troop exactly, just one based off your stats.

I’m curious how, or if, this shows up in the skill page of the troop crafting interface.

I think summons not getting the bonus is a bug they are aware of and plan on fixing

I just took a look. They don’t seem to be listed anywhere on the troop interface.

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Out of curiosity, I looked a little deeper into the numbers on the troop skill tab, the guild statue bonuses are actually represented but they are rolled into “base skill” instead of having a separate listing like kingdom bonuses.

In other words, if the troop has a base magic of 1, and you have the +2 magic guild statue bonus, “base skill” reads +3.


Yep. I manually counted my kingdom bonuses and found that the statue bonuses become part of the base stat. This they’re kind of hidden

Please, help a young guildmaster: are these bonuses permanent or applying only during a week?

They apply on the week they are obtained and the week after.

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Thanks a lot!