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I'm a loser if I win?


Where do I get the info what will be the next 2 weeks events from?

forum or gameplay czat :slight_smile:

Those screenshots look much like mine for PvP. I’m not sure what the issue is that you’re describing?

What I find strange is that my Defense win/loss ratios update on the fly between battles, and apparent Revenge “loss” battles which occurred 2 hours ago can suddenly change status inside the log, right before your eyes.

Maybe they are simply being discarded from view as newer battles are listed. But it really didn’t seem that way.

The devs update the files a month in advance once a month. Also, Grosh-nak and Forest of Thorns are getting 3 troops for its event. First kingdoms ever to get more than 2 troops for a weekly event.


I really wonder how the console devs are feeling right now about this news as they try to keep up.

I see. Thanks.

Have you a video on all those troops? 3 at a time sounds tough on glory. Really difficult for console to catch up

You mean Adana and Forest of Thorns, right? I only see 2 troops in the future Grosh-Nak game data.

Bow Lady Ogre Thing, Armored Bore, and Maw 0.5.

Ah, they must’ve added bow lady ogre thing after I last looked. Thanks! :slight_smile:

She summons the Armored Bore and all 3 of them are in the event image. I’m probably using a slightly different method to check than you. xD

I use a different method than you, @Tacet, and I corroborate the claim. :slight_smile:

This is very disappointing to hear as a Console player that is so far behind in Troop count.

My operating assumptions:

  1. @Mr.Strange is aware of the short- and long-term plans of the PC/mobile team, as it is necessary for the two teams to coordinate.
  2. @Mr.Strange has told the truth when he repeatedly stated that we’re in the middle of the Plan to converge PC/mobile and Console.

Assuming both assumptions are true, then there’s little reason to worry about this being a curveball in the convergence process, and that there’s some design that has convergence take place regardless.


I think everyone believes him when he says they will converge. The problem is no one knows when and based on troop releases over the last few months I would guess 12-18 months… which is a long time considering how many players will have left the game by then.

@TaliaParks, you could look at it this way. Console players have a strategic advantage over anything the PC crowd experienced, because right now we know for sure that essential troops/ colours are coming next.

We’re more likely to get troops that are p̶r̶e̶-̶n̶e̶r̶f̶e̶d̶, I mean more balanced from the start.

And I like having a few months of preview knowing where Glory would be best spent. Enjoy it while you can.

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Polish? :slight_smile:

@therealwetwilly, your order is ready!


What are those?