I have a slight glory problem


Me too

I just finished three PVP and was floored seeing 95 glory for winning and went out and well …that’s a lot of glory

@Nimhain @Saltypatra we have a problem

Oh, those aren’t even decimal points. Uh oh.

No…they are not…

How did you get that much? Have you been playing the weekly event for bonus glory?

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Global chat, it’s everywhere.

Happening to everyone it seems.

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Just did 1 battle

@Nimhain It just happened!!!

I had like 1500 and then all of sudden after 3 PVP…it was this

Server roll back to fix this, this is insane?

Yes all green team

We’re fixing the event currently, should go out in 30 minutes or so.

Should I stop playing until then? Should I hold off on buying the new troop?

Oh jesus it is everywhere.

Oh yeah, that was from this many matches:


Just got 40 glory in a tribute and went up to this

I’ve done about 16 battles post reset and have been unaffected thus far, but I’m also not using an event team. I don’t see how they can possibly fix literally billions of ill-gotten glory without some kind of a roll back, so I’m going to stop playing for the time being.

Pretty much. I think I’ll go one more out of morbid curiosity then wait for the rollback…

@Nimhain just stated in global chat, “Because this is an obvious exploit, anyone caught exploiting it could face punishment.”

Just so everyone is made aware.

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yup, got the same thing hahaha

I think a multiplier might be involved here. I’ve done PVP twice.
Glory @ 0: 98,000~
Glory @ 1: 9,805,850~
Glory @ 2: 1,215,915,593~

Edit: oh. Its coming from getting a singular 1 glory for defense losses too. I got “1” and its spiked up to something unreadable. Its just any glory …