Illegal transfer of the course

Good day!

Tell me, please, will the error about the transfer of a move ever be corrected?

I doubt that the description is necessary, but I repeat:

Transition of a course happens ignoring all the rules of the game (no non-playing effects, 4+ stones are collected in a row.

Very many people know about this problem and very, very long time ago. Does the developer have no qualified staff to fix this? Or is it convenient for developers?


Can you elaborate a bit?
You’re still not clear. I suspect that I know what you’re talking about.

I encountered this issue a few times in the past. It’s still happening, but it’s very rare compared to the other stuff that’s going on.

I’ve made a wrongful move (illegal move), when there should be no matches made, but then that gem did not switch back to the previous position, but it just disappeared or it appeared to match with a color that was not compatible - incorrect color match.

Such occurrences were most common when you had a T or L-based matches, also I-matches, when at least one move that connects to that shape that should trigger an extra turn or match, but since it was mismatched - invalid move, no matches should be triggered, yet, that’s what happened somehow.

Instead, an illegal move consumed or triggered a gem and match it with an incorrect color (invalid match).

It appears that I was right all along. I was not imagining it. It was there all along.

Please, confirm again if I got it.


If I would be one of the Super-Testers, I would run 24/7 recordings of each match/battle, but since I am not, I can’t allocate my free time to search for bugs as extensively as possible.

Under the bug report category there’s a necessary template to fill out to describe whatever you’re trying to say here. I suggest you repost your issue there.

I’m pretty sure this is referring to Extraturn on match 3 and skipping extraturns (or Fix the AI extra turns).

Last Dev response I saw on this was from Kafka (on your thread, @Koromac, The AI can still ignore Extra Turns from 4-5-matches):

No, this is an entirely new issue, I never reported this one.

Hello @Faceobtable
If you could please check out the bug report template and try and provdie some more details on your problem.