Extraturn on match 3 and skipping extraturns

Platform, device version and operating system:

Steam, Windows 10 64 Bit

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

In the last days I experienced some strange behavior with extraturns. In a PvP I had the choice of a skullmatch and a yellow-match. I chosed the yellow-match and got an extraturn.
I first thought, I was blind. But I was sure it was a normal match 3 turn, because I was considering matching the skulls too (wouldn’t think about it, when there is a save extraturn).

But today the same happened again. I played against a yao-pan-team and on my first turn I wanted to move away brown gems. Again I got an extraturn with a normal brown-match.

Now I just played a game in All-seeing eye delve. I matched a purple 4-match and there was even the explosion of my lightning strike, but it just skipped my turn. I also wasn’t frozen, none of the all-seeing-eye troops have such a spell or ability.

It’s hard to reproduce or show anything of that. So that bugeport is maybe not that helpful. Also to mention, that I play on 4x speed, so maybe there is something mixing up while the fights.

Also one of my guildmate mentioned it, when I talked about this:
“Yes, I noticed this as well over a longer time now, sometimes, especially the first turn, you don‘t get an extra turn at a quad match. I heard they should have fixed this, but it seems the program is still to slow to detect this. I‘m sure it has something to do with the speed of how you do your moves. I guess the game is still busy with other stuff like calculating buffs and don‘t really detect your own move. Something like that IMO.”

I could try to record some matches in future, but I have absolutely no clue about that stuff. Maybe someone here have a free recordprogram, which is also beginner-friendly? :slight_smile:

Hey @anon80007423 thanks for letting us know about this!

When this happens a screenshot of the battle will be helpful so we can see the Gem Board and which troops are on each team.

Videos are always very appreciated and on Windows 10 it’s very simple: just press the windows key plus G on your keyboard and there’s the ability to record the previous 30 seconds of game play once you have this set up. (The arrow icon next to the record button).

On the left side of this tool there’s a folder icon so you can open the location the video is saved, and a settings cog icon where you can change the length of the videos to be recorded so you don’t fill your hard drive.



Just checked this out and it’s a really cool and also spooky tool. Just a matter of time, when Windows will come up with time-travelling :thinking:

Will remember it, when something strange will happen again.

Thanks for the hint and good day to you :kissing_heart:

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I encountered it too. Twice or three times that I noticed. I did a regular match-3, but got an extra turn.
I started to record all of the matches on a 2TB remote desktop HDD. Once I spot any of the bug, I’ll post it.

So far there are certain bugs that I would like to spot and record: (I will mention all of them.)

Critical game bugs that should absolutely get fixed:

  • Getting a critical hit (T/L-shape skulls in vertical or diagonal position) will sometimes not award an extra turn.
  • Skeleton Key issue - not granting an extra turn on rare occasions while killing your first/last target. (PvP)
  • AI will sometimes gain an extra turn by matching a regular 3-match. (PvP, Explore)
  • Player will sometimes gain an extra turn by doing a regular 3-match. (2-3 occurrences - 4.2.5 update)
  • Sometimes, the mana from a color match will not be added to the unit of that color on the top.
  • Entangled units do +5 explosive damage to the Hero with a barrier, units only destroy the barrier.
  • Sometimes, units that got hit at x4 game speed won’t receive any damage from a skull match. (very rare)
  • Rarely, units don’t die immediately after a skull match, so the 4th one dies before the 3rd one - input lag.
  • Game crashes on PC still happening after the 4.2.5 Update. - Game crash, freeze, or server issue.
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Hey we’re aware of the skeleton key issue and we’re looking into it.
So far we’ve only found 1 recorded incident of it (I can’t remember whose video it was now, maybe yours?)

For most the others we’d need video footage to help us as we haven’t been able to repro most of the Gem matching issues, things like Mana not being added or damage not being done/the wrong amount of damage being done turned out to be the animation speed was too fast for the player to catch things happening so far in the videos.

For the crashes - need more information (on a different thread though so we don’t hijack this one).
If the game freezes while using Flame Soul this is one that will be fixed in 4.3.

Hello again!

So now I could catch such a moment: https://youtu.be/kdJ7WMf8QEI

Pretty at the end I have this match of 5 blue gems and didn’t got the extraturn. I don’t use any blue troops nor I am frozen.

It is surprising me now a bit, that I made the initial report on Monday too. Maybe it has something to do, that most players do their PvP battles at this time and this have some bad influence on the system?

Have a good start into the week :kissing_heart:


Okay, you found it before I did. I can tell that I had exactly the same thing done a few times.
One interesting thing is when I wanted to match a T-5 shape skulls, with one explosive in a middle.
I did not get an extra turn, but I noticed one thing. You also had a Flame Troll unit when this had happened. Flame Troll in my case was poisoned or normal, can’t recall exactly.

Screenshot: @Cyrup, @Kafka
This is a screenshot taken just before the extra turn glitch where it’s ignored.

Wrath explodes 2 gems when matching skulls. The explosions ruined your 5 gem match and consequently your extra turn
This should be fixed the same way doom skull was. Board resolution before explosion


Hui, that’s indeed a smart explanation :sunglasses:

The order of the event handler is a bit strange then. I made the turn before the explosions happens, so it should be impossible, that it destroys the gems I used before.

With that logic it would be possible, that I match a skull match, the explosion would hit one of the skulls and therefore no skullattack is done. Maybe this probably happened already without noticing :smiley:

So the problem in this case is, that the explosions affected the gems which got matched in the same action.

@devs: I am really curios if you can reproduce it. Easiest way would be titan hero with lightning strike and 4 yellow gems on the board. If you match this 4 gems, then lightning strike would destroy one yellow gem, which would prevent you from the extra turn. If that will happen, then you found your bug :smiley:

I am not sure. I had almost identical situation once, and I did not have any explosive perks triggered.
Titan had an Enrage perk active, not an explosive one. It’s hard to tell now.

@noob got it!

But I’m going to report this to the team anyway, thanks for going to the effort of getting a video for us @anon80007423

EDIT: I just feel like adding, the odds of this happening are so small so the fact you got it to happen on video is amazing lol… you had to have the right troop in your team with the right trait, be able to match 5 Gems and 3 skulls in one move AND SWIPE THE GEMS IN A CERTAIN DIRECTION.

slow claps :smiley:


Yes, very rare! Feels like winning in Lotto! So where is my mythic-gift? :smiley:

But got you a new video: https://youtu.be/xbgzsqKrjXc

Was playing Tower of Doom. Enemies are gifting me some mana with their explosions and my Earth Fury was ready to cast. So used it on the 2nd enemy, brown gem was created without matching anything and still I kept my turn. If I remember right, I had this some more times already, but now I got everything on video with your awesome trick :wink:

I had just another case, where I got a extraturn after casting with a unit.

I sadly hadn’t recording activated.

Did some explores with sunbird and had gluttony as enemy, who explodes a gem right at the start. With his exploding, he filled my Sunbird and I used him right away and I kept my turn with that, exactly like in this video one post above.

So maybe this “keeping the turn after casting” has something to do with the autofilling of the enemy exploders?

@anon80007423 the explosion from barghast at the start of the battle got you a red 5-match. Just watch the video slowly and you’ll see it
@Kafka probably that created the unintended extraturn

btw: cool that you keep recording all that stuff!

Hey @anon80007423 it’s true if the enemy has a Sin of Maraj Troop with the Omen Trait, if Gems cascade into a match after the explosion from the Trait, YOU’LL get the Mana, not the opponent.

At this stage we’ve decided to leave that as it is, so enjoy the extra mana at the start of these battles :slight_smile:


I think you both got me wrong. I am aware of the explosions and that it can trigger some matches for me. The problem I am reporting here is, that it filled one of my troop and when I cast with it, I keep my turn. Just check out the video. I am using earth fury and I am still on my turn. The same happened yesterday. I used Sunbird and it was still my turn. So it didn’t switched to the enemies turn and I guess it has something to do, that the enemies are autofilling my troops, without that I had to take any action.

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I got you right, I just explained the root cause to @kafka :smiley:

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I’ve added the details to a bug report so we can try to repro this. Thanks both!

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The award of mana to the attack team by defensive turn zero exploders like greed make them an unwise choice esp in wars. Some of my highest scores have resulted from the inclusion of such troops. Needless to say I don’t use them myself for exactly that reason.


Got you a moment, where I combined a 3 skullmatch and got a “extraturn”.