Fix the AI extra turns

the AI are CONSTANTLY getting extra turns from 3 in a row. 4 or more in a row is obviously an extra turn but the AI gets extra turns even when there aren’t 4+ in a row and it’s getting really annoying.


I wonder if there was ever an answer to this post? I have been experiencing something similar in JULY 2017. OFTEN the AI is taking an extra turn for unknown reasons. I am a level 1083 player and know full well when an extra turn is earned. But if the AI makes a move that does NOT change any mana, for example increase allies attack or life only, then why does the AI get an extra turn other then the reason there is nothing I can do to stop it. OFTEN I reach for my mouse to make my move and my opponent has decided to take another turn! It is hard enough to win with all the tricks the AI makes without giving it additional free turns as well. I slowed the game down, even to half-speed to confirm what I was seeing and it happened again. I wished the AI had to play by the same rules us humans do. This original post suggests the AI takes an extra turn simply for a 3 in row - which is what I am seeing also. An extra turn is not earned just taken.

If you’re able, the best thing you can do is to capture video of this happening and submit it to the developers with a support ticket, or post that video here.

If others are seeing the same thing happen, they will hopefully add their voice to yours. I haven’t seen this myself, but I play on PS4. Have you been seeing this for a long time, or is it something that only started after the conversion to Unity?

WOW – I was unaware someone could determine my email address from a forum post ! Are you part of management by chance?

Also I do not know how to capture a video of this happening and even if I did would be most difficult since would need a before and after video.

For the record I am retired, but not senile. I play on my home computer.
Thank you very much for your assistance.

Unless you turn it off in settings all posts here go to email as well, as here.

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Hi Brev,

If you get an email from the forum, it is generated by the forum software and isn’t coming from the person directly. I use the default notificatioin settings, so for myself, if someone responds in a thread that I started or responds to me directly, or quotes something that I said, or sends me a private message, I get an email notification. If you don’t like that, you can adjust your notification settings in your profile. I’m just a player like you and no one here has access to your email or personal information. I mean, the developers might, but no players can see it unless you make it public.

Sorry you’ve had bad experiences with support. I haven’t had occasion to use them much myself, but have always found them to be quite helpful.

I guess there isn’t much else to do but see if anyone else picks up on this and reports the same thing happening.


Thank you Stan - learning all the time. I actually thought the email was from you and it surprised me. Obviously I am not a big poster to these forums.

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No worries, the first time I got one of those, I was taken aback as well.

There is a badge tho for responding with the email. Hmmm.

I thought the same thing, until I told myself it’s impossible and played 2 days in a row on normal speed.

Then I noticed nothing like that happened.
Then I switched back to 4x.
And noticed that extra turns happen from the new gems that drop from the top, but are usually lost to the eye due to speed.

Not sure if that’s your case but a video would help analyze the problem.


He said he slowed down to 0.5 speed and saw it happening though.

I think I skipped that part in the wall of text. My apologies.
… I’m afraid I can’t help from my place, though. Never really had it happen to myself. :woman_shrugging:

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Very rare to see this for me but I do on a rare moon. another I see on a rare moon is the AI taking a turn when its still my turn. And it doesn’t take this turn right away. It finishes its turn, pause, then its my turn, I look over the board, and maybe 5-10 seconds later it will go again. Both very rare for me to see but do see them. I just figure the AI wants to be a board hog and not share -heh-.

Actually, there has been a bug that I even reported that happened only twice in my life.
… After transforming gems, a slight lag freezes the game for a split second. If this happens exactly at the moment when gems change color, the player’s turn ends. The gems stay on the board and once the AI makes a move - they are “refreshed” and count towards his mana pool, naturally rewarding him with extra turn.

Yes, those gems just sit there in a cascade till the AI takes a turn. It’s extremely rare but things like these do happen all over the place.
I suppose the 3-gem extra turn might be one of them.

My mention was not that it lags. Its a clear and defined end of turn then while I am physically able to move the selection reticle (can not move that when lagging so it kind of tells you there). I would be floored if my internet could lag. My current plan is 1 Gbps (Gigabit per second). I consider things lagging when a few GB files take a few seconds too long.

If you haven’t seen this then its going to be very rare to see it. Its not just rare its extremely rare. And again if you can move the reticle then its not a proposed lag. But I just consider it wanted more fun.

I understood the message (unlike some other times :sweat_smile: ).
I was merely agreeing that there indeed are weird bugs out there, that are hard to keep track of, since they are rare. Just like you mentioned the AI being impatient, I added one more to the list.

That being said - I can very likely imagine AI getting extra turns without getting a 4/5 match. I suppose it’s just as rare, since this is probably the 1st time I see it being mentioned.
And the list keeps growing.

Hi all. This is my first post. I’m a very, very new player (Level 56) and this just happened to me today. I was looking to see if this had happened to anyone else, and I found this thread.

I’d received an extra turn, took it, and got another ‘extra turn’ after that move. Just as I was about to make a move on that extra turn (my thumb was literally on my left joystick, about to make a move), the AI suddenly took a turn! I was like, “Huh?”. It was so weird.

Another case I’ve witnessed while playing, is when I’ve seen the AI do a regular 3-Gem match, and it got an extra turn.

I’m playing on a PS4 Pro console (hooked to a with projector so it’s large on my wall), but I’m not sure how I can capture a video as these things are happening. They occurred so randomly out of the blue…

Anyway I just wanted to let people know that these things were happening.

On the PS4, if you ever see something that you want to capture, just hit the “share” button on your controller, and then choose “save video clip”. The last 15 minutes of your gameplay will be stored in your capture gallery and you can access it, edit it or share it from there.

Since the video editor on the PS4 is quite clunky, in practical terms, often the easiest way to “edit” such a video is to replay the portion that you want to share while filiming the screen with your cell phone, then upload the video directly from your phone.

I’ve been saying for a while “3 extra turns should be the cap”.

It’d ruin a couple of my Hula Hoop teams but as I explained previouslly:

  • I play games I think I’m going to win 99% of the time. Getting extra turns just makes it more inevitable, so I don’t care.
  • The CPU getting extra turns tilts games I feel I should have won. It always makes me mad.

Optimize out things that don’t make players happy but do make players mad.

Hi Stan! Wow that was fast. Thanks so much for the tips! I had no idea about that video clip feature from the console.

Not only am I new to Gems of War, but I’m totally new to game consoles (only got it last Christmas for myself). I was more of an ‘old school’ video game player (as in, the arcade games from back in the '80s :grin: ), so I’m still exploring.

I don’t have a ‘smartphone’, but I do have an iPod Touch, so I can use my WiFi to connect with it and upload if I need to, right?

Other than that, GoW has become my favourite game on my console. It has everything I like. Love the graphics/artwork and sound, too.

I appreciate your help. Thanks again! :grinning:

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