I'll Johnny Bronze Didn't Unlock For Me

I’ve defeated the Blackhawk Kingdom but, Lil Johnny Bronze wasn’t unlocked, anyone here knows why? I’m on XBOX ONE.

Probably a network hiccup.
Changing your thread to Support category and pinging dev @Nimhain for ya.

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So, how am I gonna unlock him?

Have you contacted our Support team? They should be able send you one.

How do I get in touch with them?


All the information about how to contact support is here. :slight_smile:

Sorry! I totally forgot to include the address.

Thank you very much!

This issue of completing the boss battle in a Quest line on XB1 but failing to get either the Epic troop (or even credit for having done the final battle) is not limited to merely the Blackhawk kingdom.

Yesterday I finally completed the Dragon’s Claw quest line, and not only did Visk fail to pop up as a reward, the Battle option itself was still displaying on the Quest screen as if I had not even started or completed it.

Quitting and restarting the game triggered the green checkmark to display completion on the Quest. I don’t know if the additional 250 reward gold or a copy of the Epic was added to my Inventory, though. :frowning: