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Idea to fix the meta without any nerfs: buff Submerge

The meta right now is very stale, and additionally causing a lot of feelings. Far too many of the best teams are running Infernus, Ubastet, Divine Ishbaala (with some wiggle in that 4th card), and many other teams are similar to it.

Some people believe the problem is Ishbaala. Personally, I don’t agree (at end-game Ubastet and friends require additional casts to win, and filling up troops with lots of explosions really is pretty easy). Even if she is, though, nerfing is generally agreed not to be a desired solution to a game imbalance.

So, I was thinking about Submerge. Submerge works fine against Dawnbringer’s damage and maybe dragons… but that’s it. What if we changed submerge so that it also protected against Infernus and Ubastet’s damage? Not 100% on what the best wording would be but something like:

Submerged - Avoid all damage effects that hit more than one troop

Final wording could be tweaked a little, but this would create a powerful counter in Submerge effects to the current Infernus/Ubastete (and potential Suna) meta, while having no effect on skull-based teams or potential single target based teams, allowing those to also flourish. We might see a rise in Pharos-Ra teams or something, who know. Most importantly, it would set up a sort of rock/paper/scissors balance in team design where there is no team that is dominant against all other team types.


I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be enough as a counter, but buffing Submerge wouldn’t be so bad.

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Submerge does not need a buff. It can be brutal enough as it is.

Yes, yes it does. If you don’t agree, you give reasons and discuss said reasons. That’s what a forum like this is for. It’s meant for… discussion. You posting with a “no I disagree lol” does nothing for said discussion.

Anyway, @Neight, I was thinking of Submerge buffs along these lines:

  • Nullifies the splash in splash damage (i.e. primary target takes full damage, splashed targets take 0)
  • Spells with 2 or more targets take -50% damage
  • Completely nullifies scatter damage

That sounds good @Fuligin.

But well @Neight, a reason for why Submerged, even after being buffed, wouldn’t work as a counter to Divines Meta is simple, only Scylla can apply it with some reliability (on all the other allies) and even considering a scenario where she could do it faster than divines could start “Xplod Festival 2018” Divine Protector is single target, enough to cripple a troop allowing Ubastet to kill it and take another one even if the second troop doesn’t takes any damage due being submerged.