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Idea for Nerf Egg Thief

By both playing with Greed/Egg Thief/Cedric Sparklesack/Skeleton Key and playing against them, I feel this team is certainly overpowered.
Main reasons are 1) Egg Thief fills up once and never worries about refill ever again, and 2) with 200/200 gold bonus Skeleton key kills everything players owned with only one shot.

I have a suggestion, however not to fix the two reasons I mentioned above, rather change her color to Green/Yellow, so either 1st slot Greed or 1st slot Cedric will slow down Egg Thief a bit, and put her or Key 1st slot will be more risky because this will both mitigate their summon ability and expose them to Skull damage.
This change will theoretically slow down Egg Thief on both defense and offense side, but maintain everything else on current level if this damage output is what Dev intended the whole time.
However, I’m absolutely okay with increasing her mana cost a bit, 12 mana cost destroy the whole board is kinda absurd.

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Thank god we have a few powerful weapons to use. You might be the only one on the entire boards that wants this nerf, cant see any other of these threads, or maybe I missed out on them? So all of us doubt that solely you will get it your way. What about both rethink your startegies and accept the few losses you get?


No one’s talking about doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be talked about.
In fact I don’t play against this team that much because Ranked PvP is flooded with DE/Stormbrew, and Thief/Key is powerless against DE.
Everyone else is complaining DE, so I won’t bother to complain it again.
But this team will be a thing people question about, sooner or later, this gold meta has lasted long enough.

No that is true, but what do you think is the main reason why nobody have asked for a nerf like this before? It must be that they don’t share your experience. And that is totally fine. So that is why I told you to check your strategies and accept a few losses. I have also yet to lose against it. And let me tell you, I have even yet to use any teams involving this troop or weapon.

Sorry for my mildly irritated tone, these threads is the reason why I am close of quitting these boards. Sadly I always read them too out of curiousity. Whenever we get something good, someone wants a nerf.

Your whole thread is based around the few losses you have had against this team. Instead, you could be happy that CPU also have a tiny chance of winning, it’s what makes it a game after all.


Few loses? Did I even say that?
I think you should not cry like a child whose toys are gonna be taken by others.
I complain because I won with this team with no effort.
I don’t complain Wrath/Doomed Blade/Possessed King because it requires luck and easily countered by Entangle.
To be honest, I hate this gold meta thing overall, individual troops are easy to have and synergy too well. Egg Thief is the most powerful one among gold meta troops, so I think nerf is needed.

tis a slippery slope … all this nerf business … they don’t want to nerf themselves out of a player base

Don’t use the team then.

Keep using this team.

Problem solved.


For the sake of the OP, i dont agree that there is a nerf needed, so far those teams with Egg Thief and SK are easily beateable in PvP, it depends on your team… Of course from time to time RNG will be against you, but that mean you can lose agaisnt any team.

wait … you complain because you win with a certain team with no effort? … ok … just use a different team. Your problem will be solved and it won’t affect the rest of the players …

thaaaaaats probably too easy though .


Even better go to casual PVP and fight a 3 trophy battle crank the difficulty up to warlord 4 and see if that provides you with more of a challenge .

No need for a nerf, the team is easily beatable with the right troops :joy:

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I feel like every time something is added to the game and people cannot figure out a way to beat it because they are too lazy and just wait their fast team to stay fast.

Either cough up that 1 Gem to get a new selection of opponents you absolute miser.
Or build a team to counter the team you’re fighting.



In terms of the OP teams, this is least deserving of a nerf.

What I mean is this team is very fragile. If you get rid of Egg Thief or Skeleton Key quickly, it can’t do squat.

It doesn’t do well vs. meta teams. If you shove the hero/ET in slots 3 and 4 you’re safe from Yao Guai, but vulnerable to last-slot instakills and a mirror match team. Any Divines team shreds it very quickly, whether we’re using Infernus, Ubastet, or Ketras. Mab or other freeze-based teams completely break it. It fails in a mirror match and Dragon’s Eye has a very good chance of neutering it turn 2.

That doesn’t mean it’s not effective, but I don’t think it passes the “needs a nerf” test because it’s weakest vs. “actual meta teams”. There are too many highly effective ways to beat it.

I dont know aluoaniki personally but I can say he is a dangerous person.


Lol this thread is a big joke!

Good laughing ty :slight_smile:




If you want some more effort,while you play with egg thief team,go on a stadium and run around it couple of times

This is how meta was born.
Everyone abusing it.
But when everyone abusing it, then all of a sudden people complain about others abusing it.

If I don’t like it then don’t use it.
Yes, I’ve tried not using it since Egg Thief came out.
But now I’m abusing it as much as I can. Because it’s the best team to farm trophies and gold.

Why do you even care? You don’t have to fight it very often anyway.

How is using 4 troops in a team abusing anything?

You are the only person I have ever seen complaining about this.

So what if people are USING this team it’s not hurting anyone.

It makes you win without any effort…
It helps you farm gold and trophies easily…
The team is being “abused” by you and instead of being grateful you come and complain…