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Who Benefits from the Skeleton Key Nerf?

  • The Game
  • The Players
  • The Devs
  • Nobody

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Maybe some quantifiable feedback may help, since they claim to listen to it.
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Never thought that a butt-pain topic like this will show up so quickly :slight_smile:
Thx @AMT for surpassing my expectations!

As for reply. Anything that breaks meta and forces players to use their brain and invent new one is healthy for the game. :wink:


Unless you know how much gold is being farmed thanks in large part to the weapon. You can’t really make an informed decision/criticism. I’d rather them nerf a single weapon than come after a whole game mode like they did to Casual pvp. That was and still is bull shit.

I assure you. It’s end gamers farming gold too easily (or bots rather honestly) than new players benefiting from the weapon that caused the nerf.



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I voted Nobody because the players who rely on Skeleton Key for gold farming will have a much harder time getting gold quickly. But at the same time, I don’t see the Devs benefiting either because there are some who may stop buying the Ring of Wonder or won’t bother trying to raise their VIP level to increase their gold bonus as a result of Skeleton Key’s nerf.

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I am not surprised to see some dev “reply guys” already in here.


I feel very sad for new players. Skeleton key/Sparklesack was the first team I got that could actually complete most of the essential games modes like pet rescue, dungeon, and high level vaults. And that took months to get. It’s also one of the only worthwhile PvP teams there is. I really hope this gets a reversal like the Sunspear class because this is probably the worst change I have seen in the game yet…

And just to add insult to injury, a Gobtruffle nerf but no Beetrix nerf? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???


Changing the boost ratio does not truly change the effectiveness of Skeleton Key team for Gold farming. One extra cast is no big deal.

On the other hand, early-mid game players are hurt badly by the nerf to the boost ratio.

I use Skeleton Key team almost exclusively on my alt (on which I’ve only done one questline). I have no useful Mythics, and almost none of my Epics or Legendaries are level 20. So it gave me a chance at content that would otherwise only be accessible if I’d had luckier key drops.

Ultimately, though, I think Skeleton Key team was an excellent benchmark team. Any team that could beat it is a good team; any that can’t is not worth pursuing. Changing that benchmark is not smart.


Nerfing the boost ratio for Skeleton Key will NOT slow end-game Gold farmers much, but it WILL seriously impact early-gamers.


I’m not sure about this change, as part of some balancing. I don’t think it took advantage of anything. I get the Devs can do what they like, but reducing participation can lead to more confidence issues with choosing to pay for something down the road. I think it’s a mistake on their part.

I sympathise with newer players and gaining gold. I think it’s a tad mean really to change the weapon, without any real logical explanation. It should have been changed 2 years ago if it was an issue.

Fortunately there are other options than 2 Cedric/Key team in terms of gold/hour.

As a side note/addendum, I’d suggest anyone posting teams/tricks and tactics, keep them to less known areas.


Sounds like someone doesnt use theirs when posting a replies… How long do you play? Two months? Try using your brains to compile a team with the same outcome as Cedric, Egg Thief, Skeleton Key and Greed.

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Details in the private message

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It is obvious they want you to buy the Shrine. That is really Sad. It feels like a market not a game nowadays.


I wonder why this post from @Tabu was flagged as inappropriate?

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I can see that they wanted it nerfed for pvp issues but meanwhile the buffs we got are not impactful enough to get something out of them.

Also I don’t think endgames will be hurt that much by the key nerf but newer players, that is sad news imo.

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Cleaned up the thread. Feel free to continue, provided the discussion is civil.


Thanks @Lyya for always being there for the Forums, even on Xmas.
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the nerf goal should be for the game itself, but in reality… idk… it’s been almost a year the last time i use key team…

i dont really get the idea behind nerfing the key team, there are plenty options to farm gold, and there were no complaints about key team being overpowering, unlike L&D where there are frequent complaints.


This is a game not NASA. But anyway… nerfing things like skeleton key doesn’t faze end gamers. It hurts early and mid gamers. That said, it’s not a pearl clutching nerf, imho. But seriously, there are probably quite a few people (myself included) that don’t measure our brains by a gem matching game. :eyes::woman_facepalming:

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