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Do Not Nerf The Egg Thief or Skeleton key

Thank you

Nerfing the egg thief would be like wiping before you poop. Thank you.

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Can confirm. Just played a few rounds with this “team” and it’s terrible. No one should be using it at all.

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Lol then you must be a newbie

I fought an egg thief/skeleton key team earlier. It’s annoying, but more due to stealth than the weapon or the troop being that OP.

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It’s an “Anti-AI” team: AI cant use it well, people can.

Divines got nerfed because they were an issue when the AI used them. Doubt egg thief/key will get nerfed any time soon (it’s not exactly fizzbang)

I don’t think it’s an issue of if the AI can use it or not, I think it’s just a high-variance team like Goblins.

It doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter if you’re the AI, because the plan is simple. Boost your gold via a clever troop decision, then use Egg Thief to nuke the board. You pray you get 4-matches and a couple of skull hits plus refill Egg Thief. You use Skeleton Key, which gets a kill (thanks to skull matches) and a free turn. You Egg Thief again for another refill of both troops, and more 4-matches. Skeleton Key kills 2 troops. Egg Thief. Skeleton Key. VICTORY.

There are a lot of phases of that sequence where you have to get lucky.

  • Egg Thief can reliably explode “the entire board” on turn 1, but there is not a good way to reliably lead into 4-matches. Even if you summon a storm, you are rolling dice.
  • Skeleton Key has to kill a troop to get the free turn, and if you didn’t get skull hits off Egg Thief it’s not as likely to be an instakill vs. endgame opponents.
  • An egg-burgled board can end up being very cascade-heavy for an opponent, and the moment they kill your Egg Thief your team is dramatically less powerful.

When one or more of those 3 things don’t happen, you’re kind of stuck. 2 of your troops are just there to boost your gold and can’t participate in a meaningful way. 2 of your troops have to loop each other or you lose. It’s fast, chaotic fun but it’s a low overall win rate when compared to more clunky but reliable teams.

It’s Goblins, but “better”. It either wins on turn 2, loses on turn 2, or you’re on the kind of board where you’ll have to spend 10+ turns winning. Compare this to Goblins which either wins on turn 2, wins on turn 600 because your damage rounds are far apart, or loses without ever looping.

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I agree with @Slypenslyde, the team is awful. Devs should just ignore all this and go about their days. I’m not swimming in gold and trophies. Really.

I can’t believe we are playing the same game. Lol This is the fastest PvP team ever. Just hope they don’t nerf this one. Amazing if you know how too play the team.

Sarcasm is hard to detect :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s illegal to be sarcastic on the internet.

It’s all stats.
All nerfs has been stats.
If, in a few days, stats show that a certain new troop and weapon have an abnormal win/loss ration , then it will change.

Skeleton Key is pretty ridiculous when it hits two troops for 70+ damage. It’s by far the best mythic class weapon. The problem is that it is ridiculously easy to get 100 gold and have its damage maxed.

It’s physically painful to see people WHOOSH this hard.


Almost all Skeleton Key teams also bring Cedric, which improve the gold limit to 200, thus make Skeleton Key hit even harder (to 2 troops for 130+ damage, each).