Idea for a new crafting recipe for Verses

Hello, I hope everybody is doing well.
So as I have been playing Gems on my account in the past few weeks, something dawned on me… “Man, I have a lot of treasure maps”… and I do… almost 6400… just sitting in my inventory that will more than likely never get used. However, I propose a new crafting recipe to change this.

I propose a crafting recipe that would use a combination of 75 treasure maps and 125 diamonds to craft a verse of your choice for a gnome-a-palooza. Doing this will make a 1 full gnome-a-palooza cost 300 treasure maps and 500 diamonds to craft if this recipe is added, which I believe would be more than a fair cost. This would offer an incentive for newer players to hoard treasure maps and veteran players a reason to actually use them.

I think this would be an awesome addition to the game that could massively benefit each player regardless of player level.

I hope to see this implemented

Thank You


While I agree with you… this will never happen with treasure maps. There are those with thousands & thousands of maps & enough diamonds to craft over a hundred sets of verses.
Treasure maps are an anchor of the devs own forging. They’re given out in tasks, passes, cascades, codes and rewards in every event you can think of… yet there are “too many” for the devs to consider making them a crafting ingredient for anything.