Idea: Event captain

dev team can you please make it so the event captain needs to be forced on the team. Despite many reminders guldies still are not using the event captain.
please find a way to fix this.


Because event captain needs to be bought from shop.

So that would mean, low end guilds, who maybe don’t go for rewards 9 to 14.

They couldn’t even play the event.

You see the problem, with your suggestion.

Remember the game isn’t all about the top 20 guilds, even tho the people in them think it is.

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We already have an exemplar for this: in the world event, on entering the first battle of the day, a dismissible warning is show if you own an event badge/medal but don’t have it equipped.

A similar one-time warning that pops only if you own the event captain but don’t have it in your team seems like it could work here?


That sounds like an issue with your guild and not the game, your suggestion would mean that the event captain would have to be a mandatory purchase without regard to the different levels of players and guilds within the game.

The people in my guild and the rest of our family have no issue with this. Discipline.


Don’t make playing a video game is similar to being in a boot camp!

The reminder idea, just like with event medals, is a good thing though.

It took some time for all players in my guild to “get the memo” because currently there are no update notes in the game.

I know I’m always saying “my other game” but it’s another thing they do better. There’s a “news” section, and actually important news are in there - they give you the cliff notes for updates for example, and if you need more detailed info, there’s a link to the forum you can just click on.

It’s an issue with this game, not the individual player (for the most part).


It says on the overview screen, the first thing you see when opening the event menu, to use the event captain. What is the response when you point this out?

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its been one way for years why change it., that is the response i get.

i tell them every week too. not any more though they are adults.

Thats the response? Things change? Thats how life works. Thats how online games work. Things have been changing for years at this point. Time to stop blindly tapping/clicking.

i learned this the hard way. i installed some “freeware” blindly clicked next. needed to reinstall windows

We’re a decently high-level guild and we do clear all event rewards. I’ve taken to putting a reminder to use the event captain in the guild chat announcement and in our Discord. That seems to be working well enough.

Though I do like that reminder idea, similar to how the event boost medals work.