Iconic recruiting

Iconic recruiting
Our guild is ranked #69 and in need of some active players. Low key and casual, but serious about trying to get back into the top 50. If you are active and can donate seals/trophys & gold for the betterment of the guild please consider joining us!

OK, so maybe a little more info on our guild might get some responses.

Guild: Iconic
Rank: #70
Guardians: LV 56,56,58,58,60,63
Guild level 218
260% gold bonus
We currently have 10 openings after purging inactive members and replacing GM.
Last week we completed 1 task and were 300 seals short of 20,000.
Please join us, very casual guild looking to climb back up the rankings.
If you can contribute $100,000/1,000 seals and make PVP lv 1 weekly, we’d love to have you!!